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Why The Design Of Your Website Is Everything

Why The Design Of Your Website Is Everything

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As users come across your website, blog or portfolio, it’s paramount that we don’t turn away these users, making it easy and enjoyable for them to navigate through, and encourage them to come back to us time and time again.

Even though many people say content is key, which it is, (I am going to be talking about this tomorrow), the design of a website can make and break people’s perceptions of your company’s brand and overall image. I’m going to be listing a few helpful tips and advice, if your thinking about re-designing your website, or are about to create one, so let’s get started.


Make it easy for users to go through your website, which you should always keep in mind. Take the perspective of your audience, and see what areas you can make simpler from them. Ask questions about the website your creating or re-designing, like where to put your main content so it’s easily to consume, and you’ll see the results in overall activity in your website.

By asking questions about where to place your content, products, information, links, it allows your user to easily move throughout your website, which is why navigation is that important. It keeps your audience engaged in what you have to say, and brings them back to you. Remove unnecessary adverts or annoying pop ups, as this can ruin your overall feel of your website. If you were to visit your website as a first time user, how would you feel about the websites navigation? Is it strong, or does it need readjusting?

An important tip is to keep your navigation bar, which showcases all of your links on one bar, should always appear in the same place, so users know exactly where to go if they want to move around your website. If you always keep this in mind, it can encourage you to change certain areas of your website, so it’s more of a user friendly experience.

Eye Catching And Unique

Whenever I go onto a website, if the design isn’t particularly attractive, unique or stimulating, I seem to get turned away by what they have to sell and offer to me as their user. This may be because I’m in the creative industry, but are you attracted to websites which offer great content, but also has a beautifully designed website? With your website design, think out side the box and make things look great. Make your images look unique and eye catching, and use the text which is classy, contemporary and readable.

This could be fonts like Futura, Helvetica, or Gill Sans, but choose a font which you want to communicate to your audience. If your looking for a fresh and unique approach, you may choose Futura for the headlines of your website, and a classy Tahoma for your content or descriptive text. Have a deep think about this, as this is so important in getting your website looking fantastic. With this blog, I’ve (hopefully) communicated a slick approach, and have used circles as my main blog images, which is a bit different than the square blog images you see today.

I have gone for Gill Sans as my main body of text, which I use throughout all of my websites, as I love it so much. Its contemporary and works excellently as a group of text. Make your website look as good as possible, as people refer to you as a professional, who values your company and brand, who puts their customer first.

Staying True To Your Brand

What do you want to communicate to your audience within your website design? If you know your brand inside out, this should be reflected in your website. Lets say that you want to be viewed as energetic, current and lively; red should be used within your design. When choosing your colours, keep this in mind throughout your website, and keep it consistent.

If you use Helvetica on one page for your main body of text, make this run throughout your whole website. So always think about consistency, as your users can develop an understanding of you, and more importantly, remember you for the colours you use, your images, and fonts which within your website. With all these tips, put your audience first, and use the colours which you think represent you as a company the most effectively.

Key Summary Of Points

  • The design of your website is crucial, so make sure it’s of high priority to make it look fantastic
  • Your navigation should be easy to use and functional, which encourages users to go throughout your website
  • Be different with your design and think outside the box
  • Choose fonts and images which are readable and well designed
  • With this, keep it consistent throughout your whole website, so people get accustomed to what you have to offer, and remember you because of it
  • Have fun and play around with it!

How have you designed your website, and what works well for you?

Comments are more than welcome!

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