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The Personal Brand Vs The Bigger Corporation, And Why You Win!

The Personal Brand Vs The Bigger Corporation, And Why You Win!

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Personal brands have a distinct advantage over their bigger corporation rivals.

Big corporations often lack this fundamental thing that all personal brands can achieve within an instant.

What is this element I hear you ask; it’s personality.

It’s hard to see who’s behind a big corporation, and as a result, are often seen as corporate, faceless company.

But this is where you can use this to your advantage.

I’m going to be sharing why personal branding is so powerful, and giving you one crucial tip that you can take away with you today, and implement straight away into your branding.

You may be a small business owner, have a business which is based on you, an individual, or thinking about starting up a business, which todays tip will be very useful to you.

This isn’t going to be a whole load of tips, but one powerful tip that you can achieve straight away, as a powerful brand should always connect, empower, be aware and drive a community and users to your business, so lets get started.

The Personal Brand

Think of a global company and their brand awareness for a second.

You may think about their advertisements on our television sets, their brand colours and slogans, remind yourself of how they make you feel.

Now think of a personal brand which you know of. Do you know the person who runs the business? Is their branding transparent? Do they deliver more of a home made feel to their brand?

With all of this, their personal brand has an distinct advantage over their global rival, which the bigger companies just can’t obtain!

Even though these companies have made millions, which are global (depending on the business which your thinking off), unfortunately for them, people cannot connect with them in the same way a personal brand offers.

The audience knows exactly who’s behind a personal brand, what they’re up to, what they believe in, and the transparency of that brand is pretty clear.

This isn’t to say that these global companies aren’t successful, because they are, but your personal brand can be extremely powerful, which you should always try and keep hold of, regardless of how big you become.

A small, personal, and unique brand can go a long way within your business, which keeps that intimate touch with your audience. Personal brands have personality, which something most global business are seen without, as they’re referred to big corporate machines.

For your business to be able to stand out from your competitors, whether your starting a business or already own one, it’s important that you keep faithful to your personal brand, and show your personality.

The Brand With Personality

At the start of this blog post I said I’ll be sharing one golden tip to you, which is going to be about bringing personality to your brand, so here it is.

What I want you to do, is to add key personality interests into your brand, that can help your audience respond to you.

The Personal Brand Vs The Bigger Corporation, And Why You Win Quote!

Think about the copy which your addressing to your audience, and put this in a way which represents your brand personality down to a tee.

This could be within your website, marketing, social media outlets, and anything which you feel you can feed this into, which should always be kept on a consistent level.

This could be your interest in graffiti art, how you love to go mountain biking every weekend, how you can’t get enough of Steven King’s books, or your love of chocolate. Whatever your interest’s are, make sure you communicate this to your audience.

Always talk about your passion’s in a positive way, and let your audience get a sense that you really care for this other adventure of yours. Stay away from flaws with your personality, as you’ll start to talk negatively, which is something you don’t want to communicate to your audience.

Always keep your branding positive and happy, and never let negatively creep in.

Why Should You Talk About Your Other Passions?

Conversations can start from those who have witnessed your other passions.

Other people will be more inclined to strike up conversations with you, and multiple relationships can form.

There might be a lot of people who sell the same product or service as you, but not everyone is going to be expressing their passions like you are, which gives your branding that extra punch.

Whatever your other interest or passion is, which is away from your business, let this shine through.

Where Do I Implement This?

Incorporate your passions into your about section on your website, social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook, what you talk to other people at networking events, and other offline aspects.

The Personal Brand Vs The Bigger Corporation, And Why You Win Quote!

If your interest is boxing, feed this into your branding. Put it into your Twitter bio, re-tweet fellow boxers every now and again, add pictures to your blog of you boxing, and let this passion of yours feed into your branding.

When people then see boxing on the television or Youtube, they’ll be reminded of you! This is powerful, and shouldn’t be overlooked!

Be Unique And Let Your Audience See your Passions

People relate to other peoples interests.

Relationships are formed from similar interests and passions.

Conversations can strike up, relationships can be formed, and your business can heap the rewards.

Don’t hide behind your interests, and let your audience know what your passions are.

Summary Of Points

  • Big corporations often lack personality, and are seen as faceless
  • This is where your personal brand can really take advantage over such companies
  • Let your audience know what your passions and interests are away from business, which allows them to connect with you on another level
  • Apply this to your website, social media platforms and offline branding
  • Be unique and stand out from your competition!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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