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The Key To Your Website Is It's Content

The Key To Your Website Is It’s Content

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Following from my post yesterday, about how the design of your website can make or break your traffic and user flow, another very important aspect to remember, which is important as the design of your website, is it’s content.

What sort of things can you give to your audience, that is of real value, that encourages that first time visitor to your website, to visit you again, and become an avid follower of your website. What things can we focus on when were writing our content, and become more popular and sought after as a result.

Developing excellent content to our audience can result in traffic for ourselves and website, but also more clients, commissions or purchases from our company. So let’s get started with being different in what we have to say.

Be Unique

Like your website design, it’s paramount that your content is unique and different from the rest. What can you research yourself, and write differently to every other blog about your niche or service out there today?

Well, the only way you can do this is by having a first level of experience with the particular thing which your talking about. Let’s say your an expert at skateboarding and want to write about doing a perfect kick flip. As you have first hand knowledge about the sport, you can tell other less experienced riders, how to do a kick flip.

Following from this, your going to give a unique perspective on the tips and tricks which you use to do a perfect kick flip. These people may not agree that your way is best, but this is a good way to be, as your saying something which is different and unique to you, that is different to what everyone else is suggesting and giving tips about.

What Does Your Audience Crave And Want To Learn?

Whenever your writing about any particular subject, have a think about what your audience would best like to learn from. With whatever your website or content is about, what would your audience most like to know?

If you keep asking these sorts of questions to yourself, you can successfully encourage people to return to your website, as your posting for their needs, and not for yours. It’s a good idea to take a step back and really think about the things which your writing about. This forces you to think about what your communicating to your audience, and what things you can change or develop.


I know I keep banging on about being consistent, but I believe this is so important in creating a sustainable brand, that people begin to trust and develop a long admiration for, and your content is no different. Set up an overall theme of what your website, blog, or portfolio is going to talk about, and stick to it.

Resist going of topic, as your target audience aren’t interested in this information. They came to your website because they know that what you have to say, is relevant to them, and will help them out, and interest them.

Think about the websites which you visit, and see how they stay on topic throughout all of their blog posts or website pages, which keeps their audience engaged and excited about what they have to say.

Search Engine Optimisation

Overall, excellent content can help you achieve a great seo ranking within Google and other search engines, which the design of your website just doesn’t achieve. This can result in achieving more traffic to your website, as you’ll be higher up in Google, for certain key words which you’ve been talking about, and becoming increasingly popular.

From this, people would be forced to recognise you, and pay attention to what your saying, as your popular for a good reason.

Summary Of Points

  • Be different in what your writing about, and you’ll get noticed about being personal and unique from the rest
  • Think about what your audience wants to know about, and keep on track
  • Keep this content consistent, and always try and produce high quality material
  • With doing this, it can lead to better search engine optimisation, resulting in more traffic and engagement in your website

Many thanks for listening and visiting to me today, I’ve really enjoyed talking about this topic. Be sure to comment me below, as I’ll love to hear from you. Or you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Many thanks again, and have a great day!

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