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The First Post Of Many!

The First Post Of Many!

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Hello & Welcome!

Hi there, and welcome to INFOArt, and if you’re looking at this post, you’ve witnessed the creation of INFOArt, which I’m really looking forward to developing, and sharing with you. It will be a place where you can visit and gain advice about business, marketing, branding, freelancing and the creative field as a whole.

I’ll be sharing advice, personal stories and ideas to make your company a success. If you’re thinking about setting up a business, or you’re a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, I hope I can give you valuable and worthwhile tips that you can take away with you. I’m always open to emails, comments, and tweets so if you have any questions about me, the website, or have concerns that you want me to help you with, it’ll be a pleasure to hear from you.

Is This For You?

Maybe your thinking about setting up your own company but don’t have the knowledge, confidence or experience to do so. Maybe your a recent graduate, not knowing what to do next, and are stuck for help and need advice! Or perhaps your a experienced entrepreneur, who would like more knowledge to boost your sales, or your just looking for tips on improvement of your services. Well, hopefully with my help, you are able to take my pointers with you into your company, and heap the rewards!

Who AM I?

Well I’ve already touched on it in my About section, but I want to introduce myself to you within a blog post, before I give out any advice or tips. I am Haydn Symons, a Illustrator, Designer and Animator from Hampshire in the UK. I have worked on many Illustration and creative projects, and have experience within the field of art and design.

As I am a freelancer, I am would consider myself as an entrepreneur, and know what it’s like starting from scratch, and want to share these experiences with you. This doesn’t mean I have learnt everything there is to know, as I’m always looking for new ways for me to learn about business and the creative industry.

What Can You Expect?

I hope to bring you a couple of blog posts a week, so you can regularly check back here to get the latest tips and advice, and I’m also thinking about bringing in a few things later down the road. Things like 1 to 1 portfolio advice, which involves me picking someone at random from my email list and giving some support on their work, and I’ll also ask you how I can improve too, a conversation viaemail. So stay tuned for that.

Where Else Can I Find Me?

You can find me on Twitter or Facebook, or if your looking to see some of my work, I have a Portfolio website or Tumblr.

Thanks for listening and I hope that you join me in this journey of discovery for me, and hopefully for you too. Have a good day!

About the author

Haydn Haydn Symons is an Illustrator, Blogger and Business owner from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. He loves anything to do with art and business, and is passionate about the subjects that revolves around it. He loves sharing business tips and tricks to help get your business off the ground.