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The Definitive Checklist To Create A Successful Blog

The Definitive Checklist To Create A Successful Blog

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You want a successful blog right?

Who am I kidding, everyone wants one!

Every blogger out there wants a successful blog, that is read by thousands, which others cannot get enough of.

But it’s sometimes hard for us to get our great content in front of other people, which can make them sit up and take notice.

This is why I’ve created a list of tools that I use to manage this blog, which you can use yourself too. These services and products are all highly recommended by me, which I use on a daily basis.

Discover the tools I use within this blog, and turn your blog into a successful one!

The Tools I Use To Manage This Blog – WordPress

This is my number one resource, that I just cannot live without.

A highly effective way to write good quality content for your blog or website, this platform allows you to embed meta tags into your posts, tags, images and links throughout.

With over 64.8 million new posts and 60.4 million new comments each month, WordPress is the king for producing content for your blog, and I cannot see anything taking over this great service.

Here’s a number of reasons why you should be publishing content on WordPress.

  • The ability to easily write meta tags, blog post tags, and write excellent content, WordPress is the king at getting the SEO results that you need
  • If you’re not so good with coding, or you’re new to the world of blogging, helpful coding buttons are located to make your life a bit easier
  • Can easily upload images, profile images, and other forms of content that can make your blog posts attractive, eye catching and different
  • The number one resource to publish content on your website

I’m not too sure what I would do without WordPress, as this is my main blogging tool which I use amongst all of my websites, from my illustration website, this blog, and also my other business adventure.

If you’re considering WordPress as your tool for blogging, I highly recommend it.

The Tools I Use To Manage This Blog – Adobe Photoshop

For blogs to be different, popular, and sought after by other people, it needs to be as unique as possible.

And one great way to achieve this is with a well constructed imagery, that help get your message across in a completely different way.

Images also allow you to break up text; so the reader doesn’t get confronted by a large amount of text.

A large amount of text is unattractive and damn right boring, so make sure you at least consider images.

Even though a lot of other blogs use stock imagery to support their blog posts, I always think there’s better ways for you to include images on your blog, as stock imagery is ordinary, which is used by hundreds of thousands of other blogs out there, so why make yours the same?

I use Adobe Photoshop within this blog, which allows me to be different and choose my own text, colours and create a consistent look throughout the whole blog.

Even if you’re not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, after some practise and getting over that ‘initial shock’, it’s quite easy to find yourself around, and use it to construct images for your blog.

Be different, be unique, and create a blog which is visually stunning by choosing Adobe Photoshop within your images.

The Tools I Use To Manage This Blog – TweetDeck

I’ve recently published an individual blog post purely about TweetDeck, and how important it is to me and my Twitter marketing.

Apart from other services which I also use, like IFTTT, TweetDeck allows me to write automatic Tweets throughout the day.

It’s a great and easy service to pick up, which has already saved me a ton of time and effort.

From signing up to the service, the application comes in columns for you to use and change at your will, from ‘Scheduled Tweets, ‘Home’ to the handy ‘Search’ column.

I much prefer TweetDeck over other services such as Hootsuite, as Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to embed images within your Tweets, which is a big shame.

With it’s ability to embed images into your Tweets, allow you to save time within your Twitter marketing, and to make sure you’re consistently posting throughout the week, use TweetDeck to be a known figure in the world of Twitter.

The Tools I Use To Manage This Blog – MailChimp

Email is the king, and it hasn’t changed.

For your blog to become popular and sought after, you need to create a email list which is packed full of your audience and raving fans.

But why I hear you ask?

Because an email goes straight to someone’s email inbox, which most people check on a weekly, daily, or even hourly amount.

And if you manage to get their personal email address, not only is that a big opt-in for you, which you should feel proud to receive and collect, it means you can further your brand and company, and reach out to this person time and time again.

You can set up an automated email, which sends to your audience every week, and allows you to send promotional emails too, which is always so important in business.

Email List Advice

And if you still don’t believe me, check out this video by the great Derek Halperm, I think he’ll make you think otherwise.

So with this all being said, be sure to check out the services of MailChimp, which I highly recommend.

With endless templates to choose from, number of excellent email services and great customer service, MailChimp is your number one source to help you create an active email list.

If you have an email list which is under 2,000 subscribers, you can have a free account, which is ace. This allows you to build an email list for free, send campaigns, create an automated response, and give you the option to code your own emails, or choose their ready made templates.

Choose MailChimp to create a popular email list.

The Tools I Use To Manage This Blog – Vidahost

For your blog or website to exist, you need to purchase a hosting and domain service, and I cannot recommend Vidahost highly enough.

With it’s competitive prices, great customer service and with a number of features, Vidahost have been a very reliable hosting service for my websites.

Orignally from the UK, Vidahost have become a major player within the world of website hosting and website packages, which I use throughout my number of businesses.

Be sure to choose Vidahost as your website hosting choice.

Check Out My Resources Page For Further INFO!

If you’ll like to discover even more about how I construct this blog and my other businesses, be sure to check out my Resources page.

This gives you even more info about the tools, services and programs I use to make this blog a reality, which I cannot live without.

If you like the look of this blog, and want to create one for yourself too, be sure to check out this page, which is packed full of other services which I use.

Use These Tools To Create A Popular & Sought After Blog

I’ve listed a few programs, services and tools which I use to manage and make this blog happen.

I only recommend the services and tools which I highly recommend, which I actually use myself, and will never promote a tool which I don’t personally use myself.

From MailChimp, Vidahost to WordPress, this list is here to help propel your blog to the next step.

Use these tools to be that authority, be that voice, and be that blog which everyone looks up to, and you’ll create a blog which is going to be the next big thing!

Summary Of Points

  • Use WordPress to publish your own content, which gives you the ability to embed images, meta tags, image tags, and other features which can make your content outstanding
  • To make your blog different and eye catching, you need to make your own imagery. Adobe Photoshop is the one step place to help you do this
  • Twitter can be a great but also distracting platform, so to help you really smash the social media channel, use Tweetdeck, which allows you to schedule your own Tweets throughout the week
  • To help you promote your own content, service or product, and help you reach out to your audience in a personal and direct way, is with MailChimp email service. Use this to create a popular email list
  • For your website to exist, make sure you consider Vidahost, which is a great website hosting service, which is very reliable and offers a great service

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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