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Marketing Lessons

What I Learnt About Marketing And How It Can Help You

Are you an aspiring marketer? Want to improve your marketing knowledge? Marketing has expanded into many different avenues than it did 10 years ago, from social, email to PPC. With everyone thinking that they are the next marketer (if you post on Facebook does that make you one?), there is the one tip that I...

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How To Create Brand Guidelines

How To Create Brand Guidelines That Makes A Powerful Brand

Crave brand guidelines that reflects your business? Do you have a brand you want to strengthen? Regardless of your business size, it is imperative to have a strong, distinctive brand. This is helped with comprehensive brand guidelines. Not only does it help you, it also assists everyone in your organisation. Within this blog post you...

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Successful Task Management

1 Hidden Secret To Successful Task Management

Do you struggle to get everything done? Want to know a system that works? Even though you might be motivated to reach your goals, you may simply not have enough time to complete them. With 101 things to do in your day, you might turn to working harder, however there’s a better way to do...

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3 Mistakes People Make With Facebook Marketing

Do you use Facebook within your marketing? Want to know the key mistakes to avoid? With over 1,590 million users as of April 2016 (Source: Statista), Facebook is still the place to get yourself and your business heard. However with Facebook’s algorithm firmly in place, how can you reach more of your fans? Within this...

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Successful Business Networking

One Powerful Ingredient to Successful Business Networking

Know the secret of successful business networking? Want more sales and leads? Networking is brilliant at building connections, growing your business and getting you out of the office. Popular with freelancers, self employed and small business owners, networking is crucial for success. With every businessperson networking nowadays, what’s the one secret that can make you...

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7 Best Tweets

7 of the Best Tweets I’ve Ever Seen And How It Can Help Your Marketing

Do you use Twitter within your marketing? Would you love to discover new ways to Tweet? Twitter has become a crucial marketing element for myself. Sharing content, audience interaction, and showcasing my brand, Twitter is a crucial marketing device. Within this blog post, you will discover the best Tweets on the web. You will learn...

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Boost Your Linkedin Updates

5 Important Things You Need To Know To Boost Your Linkedin Updates

Do you use Linkedin within your marketing? Want to capitalise on this platform? Linkedin is a growing social media network, with 433 million members as of April 2016 (Expanded Ramblings). Helping you increase your clients, keep in touch with connections, and grow your brand, how can you use this platform to grow your business? Within...

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How To Work Alone

How To Work Effectively Alone That Guarantees Success

Are you a solo worker? Want to learn how to work alone? Working alone has many advantages, from choosing your working hours, earning more, and leading a better lifestyle. With no one to encourage and motivate you, how can you work alone? Within this blog post you will discover how to to work alone. Perfect...

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Business Twitter Ideas

The Ultimate How To Guide To Business Twitter Ideas

Do you use Twitter within your marketing? Do you know all the possible ways to Tweet? With the rise of so many different social media platforms, Twitter is still a big part of people’s marketing plans. Twitter is a great way to build an audience, share fantastic content and raise the awareness of your brand....

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Brand Awareness

How To Increase The Awareness Of Your Brand

Want to become noticeable in the market? Want to raise sales and attract more customers? Making a strong brand and raising your brand awareness is crucial to good business – it’s one of the most important components which affects the income of a company or business. This blog post you will help you discover what...

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