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Brand Awareness

How To Increase The Awareness Of Your Brand

Want to become noticeable in the market? Want to raise sales and attract more customers? Making a strong brand and raising your brand awareness is crucial to good business – it’s one of the most important components which affects the income of a company or business. This blog post you will help you discover what...

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Business Networking Tips

5 Disastrous Habits That Can Ruin Your Business Networking

Do you network for your business? Do you love meeting new people? In business, it’s who you know that really makes the difference, as people do business with people, and no other way. Within this blog post, you’re going to discover 5 quick fire tips that you shouldn’t do at your next networking event. These...

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Perfectly Start A Business

5 Bold & Supportive Tactics To Perfectly Start A Business

Do you want to start your own business? Do you not know where to start? Business can sometimes be a daunting experience for many passionate entrepreneurs, and without a proper actionable plan, your business can never lift off the ground. Within this blog post, you’re going to learn my top 5 tips to have in...

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Powerful Pinterest Tactic

1 Powerful Pinterest Tactic To Help You Pin Attractive Images

Want to discover an eye opening Pinterest tip? Love to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level? For marketers, Pinterest is an important platform; to refer people back to your website, gain more exposure, and increase your brand. However, it can sometimes be a hard nut to crack at the start, or sometimes be...

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Effectively Boost Your Instagram Profile

3 Valuable Strategies To Effectively Boost Your Instagram Profile

Do you use Instagram within your marketing? Would you love to discover how to build your profile, your brand, and gain more followers? Instagram now has a bigger audience than Twitter, and is an emerging platform that a lot of brands, companies and small businesses are referring to. Instagram gives you the power to share...

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Build Strong Business Relationships

How To Build Strong Business Relationships & Gain More Work

Do you want to build business relationships? Are you a freelancer, own a business, or are you self employed? You may be great at marketing, writing emails, and know all the skills about your industry, but there’s one skill that you may be lacking. Picking up the phone. Using the phone is still so important...

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4 Lessons About Marketing

4 Crucial Lessons I’ve Learnt About Marketing Over The Past 3 Years

Do you market for you business? Want to avoid potential marketing mistakes and lessons along the way? Of course, everyone will encounter mistakes and lessons throughout any journey; that’s how we learn and grow our businesses, but there’s a few lessons I’ve learnt that can help you keep on the right track. Within this blog...

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How To Make A Powerful First Impression

How To Make A Powerful First Impression That Drives Traffic

Want to create a trusted and rememberable first impression online? Do you want visitors to come onto your website, and stay there? It’s said that it takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression. If this is the case in real life, then first impressions are even shorter online. Within this blog post...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Twitter Lists

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Twitter Lists

Are you using Twitter lists? Do you want to see how they can transform your Twitter marketing efforts? Twitter Lists allows you to see what your competition is up to, what their publishing on a regular basis, and gives you the opportunity to see what’s working, and what isn’t. Within this blog post, I’m going...

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Don't Fall Into This Classic Entrepreneur Trap

Don’t Fall Into This Classic Entrepreneur Trap!

Have you fallen into this trap when you’ve started your own business? I know I certainly have, and I’m probably not the only one to do so. This trap can hinder your business from growing, obstruct you expanding your customers and sales, and ultimately hamper the business in the long run. What is this trap...

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