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How To Stick To Your Blogging Schedule

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Do you want to stick to your blogging schedule?

Want to create a successful and popular blog?

In order for you to create a sought after blog, you need to keep your blogging schedule consistent.

This gives your audience an understanding of when you publish your blog posts, and keeps them coming back time and time again.

However, as I’ve learnt over time, a blogging schedule can be very challenging, and sometimes hard to keep.

Within this blog post, you’ll learn how to stick to your blogging schedule, pick a day within the week to publish your blog posts, and make a consistent and popular blog for your audience.

I’ve been able to consistently publish a weekly blog post for a good year now, and I’m seeing fantastic results.

This isn’t to say it wasn’t challenging at times, especially when I went on holiday (and had to write extra blog posts to cover), but with dedication, I’ve been able to build an audience, which can be the same for you too, so let’s go!

How Often Do You Want To Blog?

In order for you to stick to your blogging schedule, you need to determine when you want to publish your blog posts.

Are you looking to publish a blog post every day, once a week, once every two weeks?

It’s said that the more you publish the better your SEO will be, and other beneficial factors such as social shares, but you don’t have to blog every day in order to be successful.

I tried publishing a blog post everyday for a month, and my content suffered as a result.

Publishing a blog post once a week works really well for me, but it might not work for you.

Have a think about it – could you stick to publishing a blog post everyday?

Or could you publish one or two blog posts once a week?

Whatever option you decide to choose, make sure you stick to it.

Pick Your Publishing Day

Now you’ve decided how often you want to blog, you now have to figure out what day you want to publish.

For me, I publish towards the end of the week, as this time works well for me. I find the traffic is good on this day, people aren’t too downbeat from starting a brand new week, but their not in party weekend mode either.

Because I’ve told myself that I HAVE to publish a blog post towards the end of the week (and if I don’t, I’ll not only let myself, but my audience down), I’ve been able to publish a blog post every week.

Choose a day which fits into your lifestyle, and make sure you pick a day when you’re alone, and can concentrate on writing.

You’ll become familiar with this blogging schedule, and your audience will begin to understand when you publish your blog posts.

Now we’ve got your blogging schedule down, and you’ve selected how many times you want to publish during the week, I want to give you some more tips to help you stick to your blogging schedule.

Make Yourself Accountable

People often hate making themselves accountable – as it means that we have to follow through with our actions.

But in essence, it’s a fantastic thing to do every now and again, especially if you’re struggling to write consistently for your blog.

Tell your audience you’re going to publish a blog post on a given day, and this will make yourself accountable, and puts pressure on you to perform.

If you think about the massive bloggers out there, they publish every week because their audience is expecting them to publish a blog post.

If they don’t do this, their audience will be let down, they’ll wonder what’s happened, and they may see some of their audience diminish, which is frightening for any blogger out there.

Use this to your advantage and make yourself accountable, and you’ll stick to your blogging schedule even more, I guarantee!

Break It Down Into Small Chunks

In order for you to not get bombarded and daunted by the prospect of writing a brand new blog post every week or everyday, is by cutting it down into small, actionable chunks.

Whenever I start a brand new blog post, begin a new illustration from scratch, or mindmap for a new project, it’s that first move that’s always the hardest.

It’s the blank screen or piece of paper that stops us from starting, as we fear what we might create.

Blogging Schedule Tips

You can eradicate your fear by writing a few hundreds words everyday, or every other day, and when you come to the day which you’ve chosen to publish your blog post, you’ll already have a decent amount already produced.

With this blog, I aim to write just 200 words on my blog post every day, as I build up to my selected publishing day.

Starting with Monday, I’ll write 200 words, then the same for Tuesday, same for Wednesday, and then adding more to this, and publishing it on Thursday or Friday.

When this time comes along, I’ve already produced 600 words for the blog post. I’m not struck with a completely blank screen, which makes me more likely to finish that blog post!

If you want to stick to your publishing schedule, make sure you cut your blog post down into chunks throughout the week, and do a little bit everyday.

By doing this, you won’t feel daunted when you come to publish it on your scheduled day.

Stick To Your Blogging Schedule With These Tips

In order for you to create a highly successful, popular and profitable blog, you need to have a blogging schedule in place, which you always stick to.

A consistent blog is essential to help you keep your audience coming back to time and time again, as they’ll begin to understand when you like to publish your blog posts.

I’ve shared numerous ways to help you stick to your blog post every week, from making yourself accountable, creating a day within your week to publish your blog post, to breaking your blog post down into actionable chunks.

Grow your following, and become a top blogger in any niche with these tips and tricks!

Have I missed anything from this blog post?

How have you stuck to your blogging schedule?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • The first step to creating a blogging schedule is by choosing how many times you want to publish every week. Everyday, every other day, or once a week?
  • You’ll then have to work out what day(s) you want to dedicate to creating content. Choose a day which works for you
  • Make yourself accountable by telling your audience, family or friends that you’ll publish a blog post this week
  • Break your blog post down into actionable chunks during the week, write just 200 words everyday, and when you come to publishing your blog post, you’ll already have a considerable amount already achieved!
  • Create a successful and popular blog by sticking to your blogging schedule!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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