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5 Seductive Tips To Spice Up Your Business Personality

5 Seductive Tips To Spice Up Your Business Personality

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Do you want a business that is packed full of enticing personality?

Want to feed this into your business, and make it stand out from the crowd?

Within this blog post, you’ll learn how to develop your business personality, so not only do you stand out from the competition, but increase your own brand awareness as well.

To entice customers and clients to your business and brand, you need a captivating story which draws people in, encouraging them to subscribe to your email list, view your product or services, and buy from you.

In order to be successful in business, you need to nail this key detail, and add an attractive business story, and I’m here to help!

A Few Examples Of Brands With Excellent Personalities

Mailchimp is a fine example of a business which showcases their own personality excellently. It’s a brand which uses witty sentences, enticing imagery, and catchy animations, which has made them the top email marketing provider.

They’ve created a brand which is friendly, modern and different, all by the use of their witty exposure.

Scheduled Mailchimp Email

They stand out in the crowd by showcasing this sort of personality on a consistent and noticeable level, especially their classic animations, they’re no ordinary email service!

Nerdfitness is another fine example of a brand with an excellent personality.

Taking the combination of nerds and fitness, Steve Kamb has brought together two elements which don’t naturally go together, nerds and fitness, and has created an addictive brand.

Targeting his brand solely towards nerds and fitness, he uses typefaces, images, and words which fit into his brand excellently, and we really get a great sense of his own personality.

So what personality tips can I share that’ll make you as successful as these guys?

Showcase Who You Are!

To communicate a personality online, you need to showcase exactly who you are.

Put an image of yourself within your ‘About’ page, introduce yourself to your audience, and really tell the world why you’re in business.

Not only will this add appeal and trust to your brand, it’ll force you to showcase your personality too, as when we talk about ourselves, our personalities just seem to automatically come out, which is exactly what we want!

This shouldn’t always be about your business either, and should showcase your hobbies, interests and passions outside the working environment.

This is particularly important if you’re a one man band, as this is your big advantage over bigger corporations, you have your own personality, which bigger brands sometimes lack!

Remember, don’t hold back, and tell your audience who are you.

Be Your Own Person

There’s many influencers out there today, from entrepreneurs, business owners to successful bloggers.

They offer their audience high valuable content, are seen as authorities in their niche, who you might be inspired by.

We see their successes, their big wins, and their growing audience, and we want a little slice of their success.

However, we’re bound to copy some of their personalities which they communicate to us.

I fell into the exact same situation, as I admired certain people, and unconsciously replicated their personality.

I discovered that I was doing myself a big disservice, and began to see exactly what I was doing wrong!

I wasn’t showcasing my own personality at all!

I am not these people, I’m my own person.

This is especially true for bloggers, as they share everything about their lives, share high quality tips and tricks, which we just fall into sometimes, and sometimes replicate.

If you have certain people that you admire, always be your own person and showcase your own personality, and no one else’s!

Discover Your Own Voice

In order to showcase who you are, you need to develop your own voice.

Is it professional and to the point, is it playful and witty, or is it modern and different?

In order to communicate your business and entrepreneurial personality, you need to be able to showcase your own personality within the written word.

Being able to show your personality with words isn’t always easy, and comes with practise and knowing exactly what you can bring to your audience.

In order for you to do this, you need to create your own blog. Share helpful tips, create excellent content, which entices people to your brand.

Not only will you be able to drive traffic to your website, and increase your opt in rate, you’ll also be able to develop your own voice.

Why is this?

Because you’ll develop your own writing pattern and voice, which can then be embedded into your home page, your about page, to your product pages.

Blogs are extremely useful to drive traffic to your website, but it can also help reveal your own personality too.

Showcasing Your Personality Through Imagery

When you look at bloggers such as Social Mouths to Social Media Examiner, their images tell us exactly what their personalities are like.

Social Mouths are slick, modern and up to date, whilst Social Media Examiner
are packed full of great content, eye catching information, which is delivered in a professional way.

Jay Danzie Business Quote

Even though the written word reveals a lot about your business personality, images pack a lot of punch as well.

If you want to represent a brand which is fun and different, you might choose to showcase digital and slick illustrations, but if you want to communicate a serious brand, you might showcase eye catching photographs for instance.

Have a good think about the personality that you’re trying to communicate to your audience, and make sure your imagery supports this.

Reflect Your Personality Through Social Media

Much like starting a blog and creating your own writing style and personality, social media is a great way to reflect your own personality.

It’s said that “82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved with social media” (source: Forbes)

If social media is a big factor in building trust with your audience, then you need to make sure you reflect your own personality too.

Portraying your own personality through social media will effortlessly let the customer progress from your social media channel to your website.

Like I was stating previously, by thinking of how you want your business to be portrayed, this needs to be projected through social media.

Use enticing captions, state what your business is up to, and let your audience have that inside knowledge.

For example, if you run a t-shirt design company, you may showcase your current t-shirt designs in your warehouse, you may reveal some of your office surroundings, or you may give your audience a sneaky glimpse at your printing process.

By revealing your business to your audience as much as possible, it’ll help you reveal your own business personality, as you’re not holding anything back!

Reflect An Enticing And Addictive Personality

In order for your business to stand out in a busy marketplace, you need a have a unique personality.

Personality gets noticed, remembered, and is different.

Use these tips to help you create a personality within your business, as it’s so important!

Spice up your business with a enticing and seductive personality, which keeps your customers coming back for more and more.

Add personality to your business and you’ll see big positives to your brand!

How have you added personality to your brand?

Have I missed anything within this blog post?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Discover your own voice by starting a blog, this will help you understand what you company can offer to your customer, and help create your personality through words
  • Showcase your personality by uploading a picture to your about page, telling the audience who you are, and what you can give them, don’t hold back!
  • Use captivating imagery that truly represents your brand, and have a good think about the imagery that you’re using
  • Don’t be too influenced by others around you, as it’s easy to just copy someone else’s personality. This will leave you with an inconsistent voice, as it’s not yours!
  • Develop your personality through social media, show the audience what you’re currently working on, reveal something away from the office, and be reveal your own personality

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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