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How To Make A Powerful First Impression

How To Make A Powerful First Impression That Drives Traffic

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Want to create a trusted and rememberable first impression online?

Do you want visitors to come onto your website, and stay there?

It’s said that it takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression.

If this is the case in real life, then first impressions are even shorter online.

Within this blog post you’ll learn how to make an powerful first impression online, looking at how you can communicate the right message, communicate a trusted brand and effectively communicate your personality on your website.

You’ll discover how to make a first impression which is rememberable, noticed and professional.

I’ve realised how important first impressions are within business, which is why I’m sharing these crucial tips with you today, so let’s begin!

Your Website Design

To make an initial first impression online is with your website design.

You might have an amazing product, blog post, or offer a service which is the best in the industry, but if your website design sucks, no one will be interested to find out more.

On average, it “takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave” (Conversionxl).

If this is the case, then your website design needs to be considered, enticing and well designed.

The solution?

If you’re serious about your business and online presence, you need to hire a quality website designer, or if you feel comfortable and confident, by doing it yourself.

If your budget isn’t the biggest, then 99 Designs is a great place to start. Upload your creative project, and let others design your website for you!

Here’s some quick fire tips if you’re designing your website;

  • Space out your content by writing a maximum of 4 lines to every paragraph. Big blocks of text is hard to read and drives people away from your content
  • Make sure your navigational bar is clear, effective and easy to use
  • Use captivating visuals and intriguing illustrations to help support your text, and reframe from using stock imagery
  • Keep your colours consistent, and use them everywhere on your website

Your Message

Does your website tell the user exactly who you are within first few seconds?

Does it communicate the way you want it to?

Your message needs to be direct, honest and to the point.

In order for a new user to understand your business, you need to effectively tell them who you are, and what you can give to them.

Looking at examples of brilliant home page design, your home page has to tell the audience exactly who you are.

This needs to communicate your business ethos, your message, and your brand values.

Create a message which your audience can gain an understanding of, focusing on what makes up your business, what you believe in, and what you can deliver.

Creating an excellent and trusted message will leave a trusted impression to any new user.


In order for you to be remembered, noticed and recognised in crowded market, you need to be consistent.

Whenever someone arrives on your website, are they confronted with a whole bunch of different messages, typefaces or colours?

In order to make that powerful first impression, you need to be seen as a consistent and reliable business.

When you visit any big brand, you know what you’re going to encounter when you arrive on their website.

Even if you’re a first time visitor to their website, they have a consistent message, consistent brand and consistent colours throughout.

This allows their visitors to know exactly what their dealing with, whenever they visit their website.

From the typeface, images, to the colours you’re using, make sure you keep it as consistent as possible in order to make that powerful first impression online.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Any business bigs themselves up, it’s what you have to do to sell your products or service.

However, these statements don’t always represent an honest picture to customers and clients.

But there’s one great way to communicate this without being seen as a big head, is with testimonials, case studies and reviews.

This communicates a level of trust and honesty.

By using these two methods you’ll create an honest first impression, which will go a long way within your customer loyalty.

Check out this example home page by Leadpages and Studio Press home page for inspiration, and you can see that they use testimonials excellently.

Lead Pages showcases elegant and trusted companies that use their product, from Buffer to Green Peace, whilst Studio Press selects some key influencers quotes half way down the page.

The key with testimonials is to make it honest, direct and showcase why certain individuals have chosen your product, and what it can do for your audience.

This will create an extra level of trust within your first impression.

Are You Revealing The Real YOU?

Like you, I’ve visited a lot of blogs, websites and personal portfolios, looking throughout the internet to find great content.

However, I sometimes leave a certain blogs feeling disappointed.


Because these people or companies aren’t revealing their true self, and are hiding behind their website.

Are You Revealing The Real You

I leave knowing nothing about their brand values, who makes up their business, and don’t know any of their employees.

In order for your business to be seen as a trusted, reliable and credited, you need to show the world the real you.

You wouldn’t do business with a person that you know nothing about.

That’s why it’s essential that you tell the world about yourself on your ‘About Page‘, perhaps on your home page banner, or even going that extra step by showcasing who you are on your sidebar, like I do.

I want my audience to know exactly who I am, putting my cards on the table. This might leave me open to being judged, but I much prefer to do this, than to not put anything up at all.

Use portraits of yourself, explain a bit about your business story, why you’re here, and you’ll create that impression of a real person, which is so key within online business!

Create An Powerful First Impression Online!

They say that you make a first impression within the first 7 seconds.

If this is true with real life interactions, you have even limited time online, that’s for sure.

From focusing on your website design, revealing exactly what your business can do for your audience, to showcasing the real you, you’ll create a lasting first impression.

I believe that first impressions are so crucial within life and business, so follow these tips to help you master this important topic!

How have you made a lasting impression online?

Are there any tips which I missed within the blog post?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • To make a lasting impression online, you need to make sure your website design is second to none – that entices, attracts and draws people into your content
  • Your message needs to be clear and to the point, so new visitors can see exactly who you are, and what you can offer them
  • Keep your website consistent, use the same colours, same message and same typeface, and you’ll create a rememberable impression
  • If you want to create a trusted impression, be sure to add testimonials and case studies
  • Reveal exactly who you are as a business. Who works for your business, what they look like, and reveal what do they like doing, as people do business with people!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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