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One Thing That Can Ruin Your Business

One Thing That Can Ruin Your Business

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And thats self-doubt.

When you doubt yourself and your business, you can become transfixed by how your company is not going anywhere, as we tend to remember the negative that comes our way. This is especially true if your going through a bad period during our freelance careers or businesses.

We all go through it at one stage or another, but it’s those that stick with it, and don’t give up, can actually see the results which they were working towards, as if you quit too soon, you’ll be missing out on a great deal of opportunities. Which could be the success, the pride and also the money making opportunities that comes with it.

2.To tend to disbelieve; distrust

I’ve extracted a definition of doubt, and when I see that of disbelieve, it sends shivers down my spine. When you launched your business, you had the belief that it was going to be a success, that you were going to be your own bosses, and at the end of it all, hopefully make a lot of money from it. When doubt creeps into your mind, you start to disbelieve about your businesses, and give up on it.

We love our family and friends, but every negative comment that you receive about your business can cripple that of your belief which you have in your company, which is not good at all.

We have thoughts of “Maybe I should of gone into a full time job”, “What if it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted”, or even worse, “I think I’ll just give up altogether”. But I want to use this post to encourage you to pursue what you set out to do, and make, or force your business, freelance careers or self employment to be a great success. And it can be that way! It will be hard work, you will most definitely get doubt from time to time, but if you work on growing your business, and making it work, it can work.

I’m going to list a few things that you can take away with you, if you have a few feelings of doubt, disbelief or those thoughts of giving up, or perhaps you think that a few changes will ultimately make your businesses more of a success.

What About The Positive?

Sometimes when doubt creeps into our minds, we think about all the negative things that are happening within our businesses. But what about all the positive in your business? Turn those negative comments into something which you can work on, and make targets for them. Not seeing enough money coming through your door? Make that your goal. Set short term, and long term goals for this issue, and see if you can reverse this negative thought into a positive. This can go for all sorts of doubts which your thinking about your business.

Get That All Needed Inspiration And Creativity

Posts like these, and other inspiration blog posts can really change how you think about your business, and encourage you to stick at it! As someone is telling you to stick at it, and not the other way round, can be a refreshing change. Whenever I’ve had these thoughts about my business, I try and go onto my favourite websites, and see what they have to say on the matter. Listening to a great podcast or a well written blog post can change our perspective and make us concentrate on what we need to improve within our businesses, to make them a success.

I’ve listed a few blog posts below that can really inspire you to get you back on track. They are bloggers who are all favourite’s of mine, just for being that of great content, which can also help you on the way to success! One being the great Pat Flynn, who I’ve talked about countless times on this blog, just for providing a great service and who is a really nice guy, and that of Jon Morrow, a relative new blog which I’ve discovered, which showcases excellent content which can make you want to work even harder! And that of Problogger, a great blog which gives me countless inspiration, which is run by Darren Rowse.

The Art of Not Giving Up – INFOArt

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5 Ways to Hack Giving Up – Smart Passive Income

The Power of Not Giving Up – Problogger

Focus On Building That Brand

Thinking on a short term level can make us feel that we’re getting somewhere with our businesses. Maybe it’s that of getting more email subscribers, more Twitter followers or increasing your average daily traffic to your website. When we do shift our thinking to that of short term, we can see how our business are actually growing, and knock that doubt out of the park! From this, we get encouraged to further push our business forward to reach new heights. Thinking short term can encourage us about increasing your brand awareness, one day at a time.

Work More Effectively

I’ve spoken about how you can make more out of your days by working more effectively, not harder. Maybe there’s doubt in your mind as your not working hard enough, or effectively. Make those schedules for yourself, set deadlines, provide that great service, and work on building that brand. If your not thinking of your time like a real business, or worse, not working hard enough, you’ll always be chasing your competition, and never seeing the ultimate results.

“Never, Never, Never, Give Up” – Winston Churchill

There’s countless numbers of talented people out there, but talent with no will power or work ethic ends in nothing. Make sure your working like you would do with any job, and focus your days on growing your business, and that alone, and you and your business will become a success!

Summary Of Points

  • Doubt creeps into the best of us, so don’t think it’s just you
  • Turn that dreaded doubt into something which you can work on, and make this your goal. This could be making more money or getting more traffic for instance
  • Focus on the short term of increasing your brand awareness, which can make you become aware that your actually growing your business, step by step
  • If your still lacking that of motivation, go on some of your inspiration websites, and see if this can lift your overall mood about your company
  • This can only be achieved if your working hard and effectively however, as nothing that is worth while is easy

How do you deal with self-doubt?

Does it even come into your head?

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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