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Boost Your Linkedin Updates

5 Important Things You Need To Know To Boost Your Linkedin Updates

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Do you use Linkedin within your marketing?

Want to capitalise on this platform?

Linkedin is a growing social media network, with 433 million members as of April 2016 (Expanded Ramblings).

Helping you increase your clients, keep in touch with connections, and grow your brand, how can you use this platform to grow your business?

Within this blog post you will discover Linkedin ideas to propel your Linkedin marketing. Raising the awareness of your business, encourage users to connect with you, and propelling your content.

Use Tailored Image Sizes

Like most social media platforms, it’s crucial that you use the correct image sizes for each network.


Linkedin Marketing

Because every social media platform has a different way of showcasing content, so it’s important yours looks great. For example, if you were to upload an image suitable for Pinterest on Linkedin, it won’t look great.

Here’s the key image sizes you need to use within your Linkedin marketing;

  • Uploading An Image: Max width of 350px
  • Linkedin Update Banner Image: 698px x 400px
  • Thumbnail Images: 180px x 110px
  • Business Showcase Pages: 442px x 248px

If you want further help with this, I use Buffer’s social media image sizes guide. It’s a great post that I highly recommend!

Publish A Post

One great way you can increase your authority is with publishing a post.

Think of it like a blog post on your website, where others can learn, discover and gain information.

It can also work for promoting your own business too.

Upload a banner image of 698px x 400px, write your content, include a few images within the post, and then publish!

The great thing about publishing a post is a notification will appear to all of your connections. When your connections next log onto Linkedin, users can easily access your post by a click of a button.

The headline is of course crucial here. So I use Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyser to help me create a captivating headline.

Also make use of text attributes (like h2, bold, and bullet points) to highlight key points within your post.

Ask Their Opinion

One way I’ve been able to drive interaction with users on Linkedin is asking their opinion.

This is a great way for users on the platform to share what they think, and offer their expert advice.


Take a look at this Linkedin post I shared recently, asking what users think of an illustration I created.

Here I’ve asked the audience which image they prefer out of four. I haven’t promoted a link or sold them anything, and have simply asked their opinion.

Users are then encouraged to get involved.

This is a great way to encourage other users to connect with your updates that propels your Linkedin marketing.

Share A Link, Video Or Image

You have to be different on social media to stand out from the crowd.

Of course this is challenging in today’s climate, but being dynamic and mixing up your posts is a great way to achieve this.

Upload a video, share a link or include an image within your posts to radically enhance your engagement.

Participate In Groups & Networks

Another great way to grow your own connects and authority is posting in groups and networks.

This is still an underused element of Linkedin in my opinion, that can really propel a business or individual to the next level.


Simply click on ‘Interests‘, then ‘Groups‘. This will take you to the groups that you’re subscribed to. If you haven’t signed up to any groups, then click the ‘Discover‘ link, where you can join Groups of your choice.

From here, you can then publish relevant content with that group to help other people learn and discover more about you.

Linkedin Marketing Ideas To Propel Your Business

Linkedin is a brilliant way to promote your own business and get yourself in front of people.

Think of it as a massive networking event, where connections, stories and conversations are going on all the time.

With business being at the heart of the platform, make sure you’re always professional. These ideas are here to help you grow your own presence on Linkedin, but shouldn’t be treated as another Facebook account.

Be professional, be informative, be consistent, and you’ll gain great success with your Linkedin marketing!

But I’ll love to know;

How do you promote yourself on Linkedin?

Any post ideas that I’ve missed?

Comments are more than welcome below

Summary Of Points

  • Use tailored images that are made for Linkedin
  • Publish updates that help your audience
  • Use a variety of content, from video, images to links within your posts
  • Ask your audience opinion wherever possible
  • Join Groups and share interesting content on these platforms

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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