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How To Increase The Awareness Of Your Brand

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Want to become noticeable in the market?

Want to raise sales and attract more customers?

Making a strong brand and raising your brand awareness is crucial to good business – it’s one of the most important components which affects the income of a company or business.

This blog post you will help you discover what things are important for your brand awareness. We will look at how exactly it affects your brand and how you can use them to propel your client’s and customer’s.

This crucial blog post is here to elevate your brand to the next level that it deserves.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is responsible for the ability of the target audience to discover or rediscover trademark of the company when selecting or purchasing goods. It can be measured in % of the audience that is familiar with the company’s product and can identify the brand within a product category.

The simplest sequence for increasing your brand is:

  • To attract the attention of the target audience
  • To build a strong link between the products and the product category
  • To present the advantages of the products
  • To build an association with the desired images and create the image of the products
  • To strengthen the knowledge of the key competitive advantages

Each step described above is a separate product advertising campaign that can be carried out online and offline and applied to different advertising sources.

The Important Role of Website Design

The visual component is one of the most important elements to increase the awareness of your brand: if you have quality and interesting content, but the design is repulsive or illogical, most likely, the user will leave the website.

To get this right you have to convey the uniqueness of your brand awareness, and make it remembered to evoke positive emotions. All the elements of the design should be aimed at creating a single original image, a business card of your brand that reflects it’s essence.

Your website is the most important part of online branding. Therefore it should fully convey the peculiarities of your brand.

Website Design

Here are some tips to create a unique website and aquire a strong position in the market:

Content: To make your website stand out of the rest, wisely approach the choice of your content. It may be interesting illustrations, thoughtful texts, infographics, anything that may seem nontrivial and noteworthy.

The user must clearly understand how they will benefit from the interaction with the brand and what tasks they can solve by ordering your services or buying goods. Conquer the audience’s attention and present something different from the hundreds of others.

The more time users spend on your website, reading useful texts, moving from one page to another, the more chances you have to increase the awareness of the business.

Logo: Do not underestimate the role of your logo in forming a unified brand image. When you hear names such as Apple, Puma, Audi, their logos immediately pop up in your mind. Quality and thoughtful business logo can be a solid basis for the branding strategy.

The logo is a visual expression of your company and all those meanings that the company must deliver to the consumer. But how can you make strong associations between the logo and the brand through your website? Actually, it is not so difficult:

  • The logo should be placed in the most prominent place of the website
  • The logo should be placed on each page of the website
  • The logo should logically fit in the design of the website and in the overall concept of the brand

If you don’t have a logo or have an old one, you should think about hiring a designer. To see the examples of good logo briefs and logo designs visit websites like Design Contest.

Here’s some extra tips to help propel your brand awareness on your website;

CTA buttons: You want the visitor to interact with your website throughout their experience. For this purpose, use clear messages like “Download Now,” “Subscribe,” etc. At the initial stage of design, you should clearly define the purpose of the user interaction with the website. To make the CTA evident and clear, leave some space around it.

Colors and fonts: Proceed from the initial idea of the business when choosing colour and fonts. Consider the psychology of colour. Remember that your colours and fonts, which are used to promote your brand, have to be well-chosen and suitable for delivering a certain message.

Every part your brand identity has to combine well with the others and to look appropriate. For example, if you use a frivolous font in the identity of a serious company, it’ll look out of place and will deliver wrong message to your clients.

Using Social Networks To Increase Your Brand’s Awareness

It’s no secret that social networks play a crucial role in the promotion of goods and services.

However, some business owners don’t invest in social media because of the high competition and investment in time, while some consider social media as something new and unclear. But just look at these statistics:

  • 30% of consumers are looking for new brands, products, and services in social networks
  • 75% of marketers believe that SMM is an important part of their advertising strategy
  • 75% of online advertising specialists have significantly increased the amount of traffic on their own resources by using social marketing for the past 3 years
  • 90% of companies that promote their brand in social networks succeed in attracting a wide audience of consumers
  • 90% of consumers trust business more if its CEO uses social media
  • 50% of companies believe that the interaction with the public in social networks is an important step in building a loyal relationship between the business and the customers

Every well-known company has accounts in social networks these days and posts regularly: that’s how it is able to deliver the latest news to their clients, to communicate with their target audience and to attract new customers.

Social Media Marketing

If you communicate with your clients, you look more reliable not only to them but to anyone who visits your social network page. If your brand isn’t presented in social networks, you can look outdated and, moreover, miss a great opportunity to attract new customers.

Simply look at this blog post to help you with maintaining your social media networks, or here to help grow yours too.

Propelling Your Brand Awareness

The image of your brand is everything from your logo to your Facebook account. It all leads to a bigger picture of your overall brand awareness, that deeply effects your customers.

That’s why you have to make sure that every little detail is perfect with your brand, with no stone being unturned. You also have to remember that brand promotion is a constant work that requires a lot of attention and time – but in the end you’ll be rewarded with desirable level of awareness that propels your customers and clients.

But I’ll love to know;

How have you propelled your brand awareness?

Any tips that I’ve missed?

Comments are more than welcome below;

Summary of Points

  • Be sure that the design of your website looks great, is unique and readable
  • Choose your content wisely that reflects your brand
  • Spend some time and money on designing a good logo, or hire a designer to help
  • Make CTA buttons visible, attractive, with clear directions
  • Use social networks to increase your brand’s awareness and make sure your SMM is good
  • The high level of awareness gives your brand an advantage over products in the same niche. The higher the awareness, the greater the likelihood that the consumer will recall the brand when making the purchase decision.

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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