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How You Can Communicate Quality Within Your Business

How You Can Communicate Quality Within Your Business

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Quality is the extent of making something which is valuable to someone.

It’s valuable to them, and to you too.

Quality within your business encourages these people to come back to you time and time again, as they realise your providing them with a fantastic service.

It set’s you apart from your competition, and people are more likely to share your product or service to their friends, family, and social media followers.

Quality is the thing within your business that you must embed, and make sure it’s consistent, that goes hand in hand when people think about your business.

Quality In Home Made Products And Services

Companies who offer home made products, communicate that of attention, detail and passion, which are the three key ingredients to make a quality service or product. When you think of a product which is home made, you think of someone taking the time to produce the item for you, carefully forming it to suit your needs. In contrast to something that is produced on mass scale in a factory or warehouse for instance.

But how can you use this home made feel within your business, which can increase your quality of your whole company, and not only encourage people to buy from you, or view your content, but make your company’s brand stand out from the rest.

An Example

Now I’m not saying that you need to now change your whole company’s ethos, and produce everything made to order, but by communicating a home made feel is important in regaining a high level of quality within your products and services.

A service that is really good at communicating this, is that of ETSY, a place where you can buy home made products. When you visit their website, it’s features a few products on their home page, but more importantly, it shows someone making a product. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about that particular seller, and gives you their story. The home page isn’t concentrated on the products that their selling, but of the people who have created them. This is paramount as it communicates a home made feel, which is linked to quality in their services. It allows you to look deeper into a particular seller’s background, and uncover their story, which is something that I’ll talk about later on.

You can change the way your business or company communicates to your audience by simply focusing on stories, quality and that home made feel, rather than the sell, sell, sell approach. This is key with communicating the home made feel of their website, which we can use as inspiration within this post.

Creating Your Story

Everybody loves a story, as people like something which they can link themselves to, learn from, and see how the story plans out! You might be thinking that a home made feel is not important for your business, as you might own a blog, or a marketing agency for instance, but this is still crucial if you want your audience to integrate themselves with your company. People cannot connect with a large corporation which has no soul, as they are just seen as a faceless company.

Use this and create a story which you can share to your audience. How do you like to work? Maybe you have a funny story about starting the business which you can describe on your about page, or write a detailed blog post about. You might not think that you have a very interesting story to tell, but what’s important here, is the audience seeing you as a real person. Someone that they can connect with and learn from.

A story that is interesting and kills two birds with one stone, is by telling the story of how you create your products or services. Tell them all the details about the process, and let them into a few secrets of yours. Maybe you had a few issues in the beginning, which you ironed out over time? Or maybe you have a funny story about when you tried to create a particular product of yours? The place where you put this amongst your business is really up to you, but let it be personal to you, which your audience can remember you for.

Capturing That Home Made Feel

If your selling a product, a good starting point is filming that product being made, whether that’s in your studio, warehouse or own house, this is up to you. This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and can be shot with a camera of your choice. Describe it’s weight, the process, meet some of your staff, and let the audience know a little bit of how that product is made.

This is also the same for creatives of any discipline. Film yourself producing your piece of art or design, and capture this within a time frame video to Youtube or own website. Your film doesn’t have to remain on your website, as you can gain quite a following from Youtube too.

The countless number of people that see the video, if shot correctly, would get a real insight into how you operate as a company. Your audience are more likely to invest in that product, as they know how it was made. Why? When they buy that particular product, a story is associated with it. For example, if your a painter and produced a time lapse of one of your paintings being made, a story is being told right in front of your eyes. You can see the story going from beginning to end. What’s also important, is that if a particular person buys the painting and hang it up on their wall at home, they have an exact story about the painting, and how it was produced. They can describe how the artist made it from scratch, and how you ended up buying it. People love stories so make this a part of your business.

Introduce Yourself & Others

To eliminate your audience from thinking that your a cold, heartless business, and retain that of a home made feel, is with introducing your team, or if your a freelancer; yourself. Your audience can put a face to your services and products, and see who is the back bone of your company. One great way to achieve this is with a personal and well designed about page on your website, suggesting what you do inside the business, and what you like to do anyway from your discipline.

Your audience can know exactly who made what, letting them know exactly what your process is. This also goes to those of you that have a blog, and how important an about page is, so your audience can see who has posted what, and gain an understanding of your writing style, approach and writing themes.

Think about how you can add more personal things to your business that people can link to. One way to do this is by adding intriguing photographs of your services at work, increasing that transparency about you and your business. The more transparent you can appear, the more your audience can connect with you.

Summary Of Points

  • Creating a home made feel within your business can attract customers to your brand, as your focusing on attention, detail and the quality of your products
  • Let your audience know exactly how you make your product or service, so it gives them a good insight into you as a business
  • You can do this with taking photographs of the process, or even better, filming it
  • With this, a story is being told right in front of their eyes
  • Remember to introduce yourself and your staff, so your audience knows who their dealing with

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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