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How To Work Alone

How To Work Effectively Alone That Guarantees Success

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Are you a solo worker?

Want to learn how to work alone?

Working alone has many advantages, from choosing your working hours, earning more, and leading a better lifestyle.

With no one to encourage and motivate you, how can you work alone? Within this blog post you will discover how to to work alone. Perfect if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or solo trader.

Creating A Personal Schedule

Like any office job, you have a set schedule. You go to work at 9am, have lunch at 12pm, and leave at 5pm.

It’s simple, people follow it, and it creates a routine. Even though your working hours may vary, you need to create a schedule for you to work.

Many freelancers and solo entrepreneurs don’t have a set schedule, and become stuck. Their working hours are completely different from one day to the next.

How To Work Alone

This might sound exciting (as no day is the same), but it impacts productivity.

Discover what your best working hours are, and capitalise on this. Paul Strikwerda agrees, who makes use of being a morning person.

From mornings, afternoons to evenings, work the hours that are your most productive.

Tip 1: Create a structure and routine that suits you.

Self Motivation

This is the key attribute that you need to work alone. Without it, you won’t get far.

How To Work Alone

When you’re working alone, there’s no one to tell you what to do. This might sound great, but you need to be self motivated to get the work done.

Especially with freelancing, work can come and go like a roller coaster. It’s your job to be self motivated and driven, to network and meet new people, for more work to come your way.

Here’s how you can ignite your motivation;

  • Take regular breaks
  • Reconnect with your passions and interests
  • Attend networking events and meet new people
  • Think about your ‘Why’. Why are you working for yourself?
  • Always remain positive

This fantastic blog post by Lifehack helps you develop self motivation.

One way I’ve been able to keep motivated is always thinking of my ‘why’. Why am I working for myself, and what do I want to become? Always have your why within your mentality.

Tip 2: Develop self motivation

Hold Yourself Accountable

Think to a time when you held yourself accountable. Did you follow through with your plans?

For most of you, the answer is yes!

Holding yourself accountable makes you achieve your goals. To do this, you need to tell other people about your plans. Holding yourself accountable works so well as we don’t want to let other people down.

For example, if you tell someone about your plan to start a blog, you’ll make sure you deliver.

How To Work Alone

To help you work alone, hold yourself a accountable as much as possible. Tell others about what you’re doing for the day, start a blog and tell them what your plans are, and tell everyone.

This will put healthy pressure on yourself to succeed.

Tip 3: Hold Yourself Accountable

How To Work Alone That Guarantees Success

Working alone requires motivation, dedication and self belief.

It’s not easy, but if you master these key aspects, your work can fit around you, and not the other way around.

Embedding each of these tactics in turn will make a huge difference to how you work alone. I recommend you read this entire blog post and tick of each tip.

Being your own boss is great, it’s just up to you to dedicate yourself to working hard and getting the job done.

But I’ll love to know;

How do you work alone?

Where do you work?

Any tips I’ve missed?

Comments are more than welcome below.

Summary Of Points – How To Work Alone

  • Create a personal schedule and routine that you can stick to
  • Find out your best working hours and make sure you work during these hours
  • Develop your own self motivation
  • Hold yourself accountable by telling others of your plans
  • This guide helps you discover how to work alone – it’s now up to you!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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