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Leverage Traffic From Facebook And Linkedin Groups

How To Leverage Traffic From Facebook & Linkedin Groups

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Do you want more website traffic?

Want to build trust and authority within your business?

Facebook and LinkedIn groups can drastically grow your business, that builds traffic, builds relationships with your customers, and builds your brand.

Within this blog post you’ll learn how to leverage traffic from Facebook and Linkedin groups, which is an excellent tactic within any social media strategy.

You’ll learn business tips and tricks that won’t be seen as promoting or ‘salesy’ towards other people, (that can detract people towards your business), but instead give your customers a real flavour of your brand.

Learn how to leverage traffic from these two social media platforms, that can give a massive boost to your business and website, so let’s go!

1 – Building Trust

In order for you to leverage traffic from Facebook and Linkedin, you need to build trust.

If you’re consistently helping others, sharing advice and offering your own opinion (where it’s helpful), then you’ll consistently build trust over time.

Facebook and Linkedin Groups is a perfect way to build trust with others, build relationships, and for others to trust you in what you say.

From bloggers, accountants to gym owners, building trust is essential to every business, and for others to trust you with what you say, you need to consistently help others out, regardless of what business you have.

Using these two social media platforms can drastically help you achieve this, but how?

2 – Join Relevant Groups Using The Search Bar

In order for you to build trust, you need to join relevant groups. For example, if you own a blog about cooking and homemade recipes, then you’ll want to join a group which is inline with this topic.

But how?

Using the Facebook search, type in different combinations to help you narrow down your search, by keeping it relevant to your business niche;

  • Groups liked by people who like [EXAMPLE Group]
  • People who like [EXAMPLE Group]
  • People who like [Group] and [COMPETITORS Group]

This will allow you to search for relevant groups within your niche, business or industry, and help you build an audience and trust on these platforms, all for free!

I suggest you use the search to your advantage, instead of just joining any group, which isn’t relevant at all.

But what do you do once you’ve been accepted into the group?

3 – Help Others And They’ll Help You

In order for you to not communicate a ‘salesy’ approach, you need to help others as much as possible.

If you’re accepted onto a Facebook or Linkedin group, and instantly promote your own business, without helping anyone else out first, then you’re not going to be successful.

You’ll be seen as a spammer, who’s only looking out for themselves, so don’t do it.

Help other people out before you promote yourself – you’ll do wonders for your business. But how can you help others out?;

  • When someone asks a question or has a problem, do your upmost to answer the question, and be as helpful as possible
  • Ask questions towards the group, which can make them sit up and take notice, and encourage conversations with others
  • Raise your own problems and pains, and see if other users will open up to you this way.
  • Always encourage conversation, and see where it can take you!

If you constantly help other people out, then you’ll be able to also promote your business every now and again too!

4 – Feed In Your Business When It’s Appropriate

When someone has a problem, raised a question or has a pain, which you think your business can definitely help with, then be sure to tell them.

Even though I’ve said that it’s a mistake to promote your business too much on Facebook and Linkedin Groups, you’ll also be missing out on potential customers if you fail to promote your business at all.

Getting the balance right is essential.

Sometimes you can just refer people to your business, and how you can help with their problems, or if you’re the admin of a group, place your own logo and business name within the banner, which others can always refer too.

The power of word of mouth is in full swing, without you even selling at all, which is fantastic!

PRO Tip: Use the questions that you find on these groups, and feed them into your blog. Answer their questions, problems, and pains, and then refer them back to your blog. This is an excellent way to keep your content relevant and specific to your audience!

Use Groups To Leverage Traffic To Your Website!

If you’re lacking organic traffic to your website, then leveraging Facebook & Linkedin groups is one sure way to bring extra people to your business.

By helping other people out, they’ll help you out in the process!

Business, brands and companies are certainly cottoning onto this, as it’s a fantastic way to build trust, and raise your own profile.

Use these tips to help promote your own business, by giving your brand the message it deserves!

How have you used groups to leverage your traffic?

Are you part of any online groups?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Build trust on Facebook & Linkedin groups first, and put promoting to one side. Build trust first before anything else
  • Use the search bar to find relevant groups in your niche or business, and make sure it’s appropriate for your business
  • If you help other people out, they’ll help you out too. Always have this in mind.
  • Feed your own business, blog, or website when you think it’s appropriate, and can give the user value
  • Use these social media groups to leverage traffic to your website, and you’ll never look back!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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