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How To Destroy The Fear Of Starting You Own Business

How To Destroy The Fear Of Starting Your Own Business

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Do you ever get that feeling?

That you want to start your business, but there’s always a nagging feeling that you just can’t shift?

You know you have great potential, but more often than not, fear gets in the way?

As humans, we’re programmed to stay away from these ‘risks’ and fears.

Individuals who start up their own businesses often battle against their own mentality to keep going down their unique and entrepreneurial path, and this may be one of your greatest fears for starting your businesses.

But how can you cast all of this out, and embrace the things that you’re fearful of? The individuals that succeed, are the people that step out of their comfort zones, and actually start up their business.

Think about it for one moment, if you’ll join me.

Well known CEO’s, well known entrepreneurs, and well known freelancers, have tackled this fear of starting, and have made businesses which are truly successful, but this only came about by actually starting their business; the first and major hurdle.

Fortunately, most of these people probably had the same fears as you’ve encountered. These people have managed to destroy their own fears, and grasp it until they’ve conquered it.

Within this blog post, I’m going to share actionable exercises that you can do right now to help with your fear of starting a business, so you can finally lift it off the ground. It’s only by starting that you can make some real progress, but first, we need to begin with the basics.

Where Does Fear Come From?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all with the definition of fear;

“An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.”

Fear is predominantly caused by the brain, this is started with a stressful stimulus, sending millions upon billions of signals, that releases a chemical which causes fear, for example; seeing a big spider, looking down from a tall building, or starting your own business. Its with this fear, that the ‘flight or fight’ expression comes into play. We either run away from our fears, or fight them.

So basically, you need to choose:

Are you going to run away, or fight?

I hope that you decide to choose the latter, but lets say you opt into running away, and not starting your business.

You’re drowned by your fear of starting, and you begin to talk yourself out of starting up your business. However, a few weeks past, a few months past, a few years past, and you’ve still haven’t got round to starting, and what do you start to do?

Regret that you haven’t started.

How To Destroy The Fear Of Starting You Own Business

Your head has ruled over your heart, and fear is the winner. Your head, or brain, is telling you that it’s dangerous or may cause you harm. But in comparison, your heart is the complete opposite, it has a dream of setting up your own business and living a life around your passion.

Whats the point of having a business dream, without actually doing anything about it? Whenever we think of something which were fearful of, we think of many excuses to not do that particular task. You convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

But you know, deep down, it’s not.

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Starting

For me, its the fear of starting that most people are afraid of. They think they might create a bad idea, discover their concept isn’t what they thought it was, or have a fear of being a success. It’s funny that were fearful of starting, even though fear is here to protect us, deep down, we know that we must do the things that were fearful of, to progress. In this case, its starting up a business.

For me, in my experience, there’s three key elements that you need to really battle your fear of starting a business;

  • Attitude
  • Confidence
  • The Anything Mentality

I know what you’re thinking – an attitude, seriously? But stay with me for one second. Lets me share why it’s important.

An Attitude

When I talk about attitude, I don’t mean an attitude of rudeness or grumpiness, but an attitude that your business idea is going to work, without anyone else telling you different. An attitude that you’ll do anything (well, most things) to make it a success.

Its an attitude which isn’t arrogant, bad tempered and reactive, but is an attitude which responds to constructive criticism, is open to new ideas, and is an attitude which knows exactly what they want.

You might think that attitude and confidence are quite similar, but an attitude knows exactly what they want to achieve their goals and dreams, whilst confidence reassures yourself that what you’re doing is correct.


Confidence in yourself and your idea can ultimate fear. People with confidence put their fears to one side, and jump of the mountain, and see where it takes them.

If you had absolute confidence in yourself and your business idea, then they’ll be no stopping you.

So, for this exercise, I want to install some confidence in you.

I want you to talk positively to yourself. You might think that this is a crazy or silly idea, but it sure works. Put yourself in front of a mirror, and say positive things towards yourself. Tell yourself that your idea is fantastic, tell yourself that your worth it, tell yourself positive things. If you actively tell yourself that you and your business is worth it, then you’re going to believe it.

How To Destroy The Fear Of Starting You Own Business

If this method doesn’t work first time, keep doing it everyday, until you start believing. Look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself that your going to achieve your goals and dreams, and you’ll start to develop faith in yourself.

The Anything Mentality

On the odd occasion, the fear of starting sometimes stops me from creating my illustrations and blog posts. With experience, I’ve realised that it’s so important to get anything onto paper. That might be a very quick thumbnail drawing, writing a few words, or painting a simple coloured background, as this step ultimates the fear of starting.

If I’ve got something onto paper, this means I’ve already made a start, which ultimates the fear completely. There’s nothing worse than looking at a blank computer screen, blank piece of paper or blank canvas, and not knowing where to start.

If I’m completely honest with you, whilst I was writing this blog post, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write about. I began the blog post by writing about a mixture of different themes in business, until I started to develop an idea which I was happy with. I had destroyed the fear of starting.

I had words on the paper, which I could work with.

Adapting This Winning Mentality

If you want to ultimate your fear of starting, follow this exercise. I want you to get of piece of paper and pen, right now, with no excuses.

Have you got it?

If you haven’t, now’s your chance.

I want you to get absolutely anything onto paper, to help you with your fear. Write anything about your business idea, draw a layout for potential website, thumb nail your business thoughts, write word association, the whole aim here is to produce anything.

Secondly, I want you to work from this, and take this onto a another piece of paper, and then another, and then another. Keep developing and developing, until you have all the development in place to take your business to the next level. This might be creating your website, logo, creating the product or getting the gears in motion.

How To Destroy The Fear Of Starting You Own Business

You can see that you’ve destroyed this fear, by getting absolutely anything onto paper. You now have something which you can develop, adapt, and change.

That’s a great step.

If you’ve just read all of this and you haven’t started yet, I really encourage you to, as the time is now!

Take Action Today!

Make your business idea a reality, and start as soon as you can. The sooner you start, the easier it will be for you. There’s nothing worse than regretting your decisions.

You’ll never know how something turns out if you don’t try. You may have to work hard, be a bit unsocial for a period of time, or fail from time to time, but at least you’ve made that start.

Have confidence in yourself, have the good kind of attitude, get anything down on paper, and start a business which could be revolutionary!

Summary Of Points

  • Fear is there to keep you out of harms way, are you going to ‘flight or fight’?
  • Have the good kind of attitude, that knows exactly what they want in business, without anyone telling you different
  • Embed confidence into yourself, that believes in your business idea. Talk positively to yourself in front of a mirror to help
  • Get anything onto paper as soon as you can, which ultimates the fear of starting
  • Don’t regret your actions of not starting today, and just do it!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

About the author

Haydn Haydn Symons is an Illustrator, Blogger and Business owner from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. He loves anything to do with art and business, and is passionate about the subjects that revolves around it. He loves sharing business tips and tricks to help get your business off the ground.