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How To Create A Strong Relationship With Your Audience

How To Create A Strong Relationship With Your Audience

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Your audience is everything. They provide you with sales, shares and keeps your business alive! If you lose your audience, or if you manage to never really gain one, then your going to be struggling in deep water.

Within this blog post, I’m going to help you swim back to swallow ground and help you connect with your audience, so you start to build your followers and audience, so you can create avid followers of you and your business. I’m going to be showcasing to you a few tips and tricks to help you achieve this, as your business is just as good as your audience.

But why is a strong relationship with your audience important to you?

Why should you care? Read on!

Why Your Audience Is Important

An active audience of your business can firstly fuel your sales, but it can also encourage these people to support your business in anyway they can. They will be the first to comment on your blog post’s, like your Tweets, and tell other people about you and your company.

It goes back to that old and trusted saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It’s who you know that can boost your sales, as you might have a really good product or service, but if no one knows about it, and you don’t have a following, then no one will buy from you.

Just look at the boyband ‘One Direction’ for example, their adoring young girl fans would do absolutely anything for them, and they love to talk and discuss about who they like best. They often take their dedication too far, but that’s another story. Be the One Direction of your business, and connect with your audience. But how?

What Does Your Audience Want To Know?

What’s that burning desire that your audience wants to learn about? Could it be some crazy good content that can helps them with their business, could you share your technique’s to them to help them acquire a new skill, or give them with a step by step guide to help them think of a totally new mindset.

Can you see the word that I kept repeating in that last paragraph?

If you can’t, have another look.

Yep! I want you to HELP your audience in anyway you can.

If a person was to save your life from an oncoming train, then your going to pretty much anything (within reason) for them. Now, I might be taking things a bit extreme with this example, but in essence, it’s the same.

Help your audience out however much you can, help them discover something which they might not of thought of before, and generally help them become better people. If you help your audience out, they will help you out too. Keep this in mind, and you’ll lead to success.

Brian Tracy Quote

HOW You Can Help Them Out?

If you don’t really know HOW to help your audience, you should be concentrating on developing content which is valuable to your audience, that is high in value, which is centred towards helping them out, and nothing else.

Are you writing content for you, or for your audience?

This needs to be addressed when your next creating a piece of content for your follower’s; is this something which they can truly benefit from?

Ask yourself this question every time you create a piece of content for your audience, and you’ll start creating content which is geared towards helping your audience succeed in whatever niche or discipline which they want to pursue. There are many different angles you can take to help your audience, from writing a blog post, uploading a video to Youtube, talking to someone face to face, or even on Skype.

How To Find Out What They Want

This is the golden ticket to pretty much every business owner out there; what do my audience really want? If you can get even a glimpse of this, then you’ll be laughing. The most simplest way to achieve this is to simply ask your audience.

What are they struggling with at the moment? What would they love to find out about? How can I help them out?

Are you writing content for you, or for your audience?

Not only does this give you a very good insight into what concerns and questions your audience has, it allows your audience to become part of your business, as their questions are being answered.

If you were to see one of your questions answered in a blog post, not only are you going to think that your answer is actually being answered (which is pretty cool!), but you can also learn from it and apply it to your situation.

You could also make it ultra personal to that person, and put their name (if you get their permission) on the blog post, and say something along the lines of “this question comes from Joe Bloggs”, which increases your social proof to other followers, and makes that person feel special!

If you don’t feel that you have that much of a following or audience, go onto Twitter or Youtube and type in a particular topic which people might be struggling with.

A thing that I do is to use the hashtag #help, followed by the niche or discipline of your choice.

For example, I often use Twitter’s search option and type in “#help illustration”, and it comes up with tweets which people are struggling with. I’ve then got a few ideas of what I can then base a blog post about.

I’ve actually just tried it very recently, which I’m going to base a whole blog post about! Woop!

Listen, Give, Help & Repeat

If you were to get anything from this blog post I’m giving you today, I want you to take this one piece of advice.

Listen to what your audience want, Give them it, and Help them out, and then repeat the process.

Actively listen to your audience, be that person that helps them out, and in effect, create a strong relationship with them, so they feel obliged to help you out too! Resulting in an increase in sales, followers and shares of your content and services.

Has this blog post helped you out?

When was the last time you helped someone out?

Summary Of Points

  • An active follower of your business and brand can increase your sales, shares and encourage others to become part of your community
  • What does your audience want to learn from you? Are you writing for yourself, or are you writing for them?
  • Focus on helping your audience out in any way you can, and they’ll help you out too
  • If you want to find out what your audience wants, ask what they would like to learn about, or find out what their struggling with at the moment
  • If you don’t feel you have enough audience to do this, use the search bar on Twitter and Youtube to discover other peoples needs and desires
  • Listen, Give, Help & Repeat

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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