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How To Build A Trusted Brand

How To Build A Trusted Brand

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I’ve mentioned branding several times within this blog, as I feel it’s a part of business which is crucial in getting more work and sales for ourselves, which people can refer to, and trust.

Following on from my previous blog post about branding, what other areas do we have to think about when communicating our business or freelance career to others, so people can become engaged in your company, and ultimately trust you and what you give to them.

Focus On Being As Transparent As Possible

Give the customer a complete and honest view of your company, and don’t hide anything back from them. When we think about businesses that we trust, attributes like honesty, trustworthy and transparency really sets them apart from the rest of their competition.

A great example of this is Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income. Within his whole branding, he is a extremely honest, personal and transparent person, who you can trust, (well that what comes across). You may be thinking, but you’ve never meet Pat. But this doesn’t matter, because within his podcasts in particular, you can see that he is an honest guy who cares for all of his customers and listeners.

This is what I want you to think about in your company! Be the guy/gal that responds to everyone that gets in touch with you, help people out wherever possible, and set yourself apart from the rest. If others can see that your willing to help other people out, with no hidden agenda, they will pay you back. Unfortunately this is sometimes lost within massive corporations, as there so big and cannot interact with you on a personal level, which, if your the owner of a small company, can benefit from.

If your honest within your approach, people are more likely to buy your services or product, as they get the sense that you you’ll provide a good service for them.

Being Unique Within Your Competition

What can make you stand out from the countless number of companies out there today? When we think of massive brands, such as Ebay and Amazon, these companies set themselves apart from their competition, because not only do they provide a quick and reliable service, they are different from the rest. A major part of this is probably because you can get great deals on these websites, which does come into it, but they were different from your everyday e-commernce website. With eBay, bidding on particular items was a great idea, which set them apart.

What areas of your business can make you stand out from the crowd? Now a good tip here is to incorporate my first tip, of being helpful and transparent, with being unique. For example, if you run a graphic design agency, you could give one lucky person a chance to look around your main office, and work with some other graphic designers, all for free.

Not only does it help this lucky person’s work, which they’ll tell his friends and family about, you are seen as helping other people succeed, which people will remember, and come back to you time and time again.

Have Patience, And Focus On Building Each Customer At A Time

Building a trusted brand doesn’t come with one click, but requires time to build new relations, and become that trusted brand which you want to achieve. If we go back to eBay from instance, they didn’t just turn into a massive brand overnight, but took the time to interact with it’s customers, insuring a good service, which was unique from the rest. Ebay launched in 1995, so it took them a good while to get noticed within business. A great brand doesn’t come overnight, so take the time to build on it, and it will eventually come.

Summary Of Points

  • Being honest and transparent is really important, so make sure your brand ethos reflects this
  • Be unique within all of your company, which can make people notice you!
  • Help other people out, and they will help you out
  • Patience is key however, as a trusted brand doesn’t come overnight
  • Work on building a good service and good customer service, and you’ll begin to see results

How have you built a good brand for yourself?

Any challenges along the way?

Many thanks for listening and visiting to me today, I really appreciate you! It would be great if you could comment me on this topic, as I’ll love to hear what you to say on the matter. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Many thanks again, and have a great day!

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