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3 Powerful Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following

3 Powerful Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following

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Do you want more of a following on Twitter?

Want more engagement, Re-Tweets and replies to your Tweets?

I’ve managed to build a good following on my Twitter profile, as I share valuable content for my audience on a consistent basis.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

It took me a good few months to learn how to market myself, build an audience, and get others to share my content on Twitter, and with this experience, I can help you build your audience too!

In this blog post, you’ll learn my three top tactics and tools to help you propel your Twitter following, which will allow you to engage with more people, help you build your following, and also encourage you to interact with others too.

Twitter is a great vehicle to help you drive traffic to your website, build your brand, and most importantly, interact with your customers.

For any small business, Twitter is a great marketing tool which you can use to your advantage, so lets begin with my first Twitter tool!

Crowd Fire App

This is a great application which allows you to easily follow and unfollow other users on Twitter.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of months, but have seen a dramatic increase in the number of followers which I’m receiving on a daily basis.

I’ve always advised you to follow your competitions followers, as these people are interested in your competition, they’ll also be interested in you too!

With this in mind, you can use Crowd Fire App (previously JustUnfollow) to great effect, by easily following your competitors followers, and help build your own following as a result.

There’s one key element of the software which makes it fantastic; the ability to unfollow certain users.

As you begin to follow other people on Twitter, which I highly recommend you do, your going to sometimes follow inactive accounts from time to time.

These users are pointless to follow, as they don’t use Twitter regularly, won’t share your content, or follow you back either.

By clicking on the ‘Unfollow’ tab, it shows you all of the inactive users that you’re following, so you can easily unfollow.

I do this on a daily basis, as Twitter allows you to follow a certain amount of people (mine’s limited to 2,001 at the moment), until you build your following.

The Crowd Fire App allows you to follow active users on Twitter, build your following, and makes Twitter a more effective marketing platform for your business.

Tweedeck & Twitter Lists

One way I’ve been able to build a good following with Twitter is with Tweetdeck, which is a scheduling software made solely for Twitter.

I also use this one a daily basis to schedule my Tweets, so I don’t have to waste time throughout the day, and can leave it to do it’s thing.

If you feel that you don’t have enough time to Tweet for your business, this software allows you to schedule your Tweets throughout the days or weeks, so you know that you’re Tweeting consistently.

3 Powerful Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following Quote

If you’re a business owner that doesn’t know what to Tweet, (as this sometimes happens to me), I recommend creating an effective Twitter List (which can be either made public or private), and importing this into Tweetdeck.

This may be a collection of influencers within your niche or industry, which provide their audience with great content on a consistent basis.

Once it’s imported into Tweetdeck, you can then share some of their Tweets, discover their own marketing strategy, and develop it into your marketing too.

This is a really powerful tool which you should combine with Tweetdeck, which can lead to a big effect with your Twitter marketing.

A Variety Of Content

My last Twitter tip that I want to share with you, which I also do on a daily basis, is to mix up your Tweets as much as possible.

But what do I mean by this?

Re-Tweet others, reply to other users as much as possible, share blog posts from other users which you’ve found useful, share your own content, Tweet a video, or Tweet a quote.

This communicates a fresh and content driven Twitter profile to your audience, which others will find enticing and follow you for this reason.

Re-Tweet others, talk to your customers and followers, be active, and make your Tweets varied, different and consistent.

When others see that you’re a great provider of interesting and engaging content, they’ll have no choice but to follow you as a result, which is exactly what we want.

If you feel that you don’t have that much content to share, then it’s always beneficial to share other peoples content as much as possible.

Become A Twitter Master!

I’ve shared 3 tools and tips that I use within my Twitter marketing on a daily and weekly basis, which I simply can’t live without.

I haven’t got the biggest following in the world, but I’ve seen good growth with my profile, which is always increasing as time goes on, and you build a great following with these tips.

If you only take one piece of advice from this blog post, be sure to take this one;

Share great content!

If you manage to do this effectively, you’ll build a considerable Twitter following, which is engaged with your brand, which also drives traffic to your website.

How have you built your Twitter following?

Is there anything which I’ve missed?

I’ll love to hear your comments, which are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • If you’re struggling to find the time, or don’t know what to Tweet about, use Tweetdeck, which allows you to schedule Tweets through the day
  • Combine Tweetdeck with your own Twitter List to help you spread great content to your audience
  • Use Crowdfire to follow your competitors followers, as their interested in your competition, they’ll be interested in you too!
  • Make your Tweets varied and interesting, combine Re-Tweets, your own content, share a blog post you’ve read, reply to others, and make your Tweets engaging
  • If you share great content on a consistent basis, you’ll attract a engaged and active following for your profile!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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