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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram Marketing

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Do you want to propel your Instagram marketing?

Would you love to build your following?

With over 400 millions users worldwide, Instagram is the place to showcase your pictures and videos online. With lots of different businesses using this social media network, what ways can you build your profile?

Within this blog post you will learn everything you need to know to build your Instagram following. You will discover how to encourage more likes per post, techniques to showcase your brand, and ideas for you to post.

Use Hashtags Within Your First Comment

Hashtags work effectively on Instagram, and can guarantee that your images are seen. It’s a technique that works well for your Instagram marketing, but not everyone makes use of it!

Much like hashtags on other social media networks, hashtags are just as important in Instagram.

This can sufficiently build your likes and followers.


When users type in certain hashtags in Instagram, your posts will appear in front of them. I’ve been doing this technique for a number of months, and it always guarantees a good amount of likes per post.

Place your hashtags in the first comment of your Instagram photos, and include up to 30! Make sure you’re always embedding hashtags within your posts to guarantee engagement.

Be Engaging With Other Users

One way you can encourage other users to your profile is by engaging with them.

Much like Twitter and Linkedin for example, if you go out and engage with other users, they will be more than inclined to do the same back.

Comment, like, follow and genuinely interact with others. Sure, not everyone will become your followerer, but it will mean that you’re proactively getting yourself out there and getting your profile in front of people.

Don’t let others come to you, get out there and encourage people towards you.

Mix Up Your Content

If you have trouble not knowing what to post on Instagram, then mixing up your content can help.

Instagram Marketing

Your Instagram photos can include a mixture of content to really drive new followers and likes.

Here’s a few different Instagram post examples;

Quotes – This is a great type of post as it inspires, motivates and influences others. Users love this sort of post. Include your brand colours, website url, and include the motivational quote, and you’re onto a winner!

Your Daily Activities – Probably one of the most used type of posts, posting your daily activities is a great way to showcase what you’re up to.

Sharing Other Users Content – A good way to encourage a ‘Like 4 Like’, sharing another users photo can encourage others to do the same with your content. Simply copy someone’s picture, share it on your Instagram, tag the user, and see if this can make positive affects on your profile.

Videos – A great type of content that drive likes, videos are great to showcase your product, service or brand. Videos are an interesting type of content as it’s different. Users are intrigued by this and will encourage more likes.

Mix up your content to help drive new followers and likes to your profile. This can become an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Post More

It’s been said that some of the most successful Instagram marketing profiles post on average 9 times a day.

9 times a day! That’s just an average too!

You might think that’s too much for one day, but to really project your profile, posting more is much better than not posting enough. Instagram’s timeline is quick, so if you think you’re uploading too much during one day, don’t.

I would always encourage you to post more often. Instagram is so fast moving and frequently used that posting more is a great idea, and can broaden your exposure.

Tell Stories

Instead of posting with no meaning or explanation of what a particular image represents, focus on bringing your audience on a journey with you.

People love stories and finding out what an image is all about, which is why it is so important!

Instagram Marketing Tips

When you’re next uploading a selfie to Instagram for example, talk to your audience about why you’ve taken that selfie. Write your daily goals, why that image is special, to why you look so happy!

Users will the read your content, and connect the story to your image. Making it more engaging to your users.

Transform Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram can become an essential part of anyone’s marketing toolkit. It’s a ever growing platform, that has over 400 million users (say no more!) Lots of business are making a killing from it, and it can be the same for you too!

From mixing up your content, embedding hashtags in the first comment of your new images, and telling stories is just a few ways you can project your Instagram profile.

Now it’s just down to you to upload great looking images for your profile, and see your profile rocket with these Instagram marketing tips!

But I’ll love to know;

How have you propelled your Instagram marketing?

Is there any tips I’ve left out?

Comments are more than welcome below

Summary Of Points

  • Use hashtags – To propel your images in front of others, use hashtags within the first comment of your images. You can tag up to 30 hashtags! Make sure you use this!
  • Engage With Other Users – make an effort to go out there and like, follow and engage with other users
  • Mix Up Your Content – to drive users to your profile, mix up your content by uploading videos and images simultaneously
  • Post More – some of the most successful Instagram profiles upload more than 9 times a day! Upload more images to see more engagement
  • Tell Stories – make sure you’re telling stories and building a picture about the images that you’re uploading, this will encourage others to like your posts

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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