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Generate More Comments On Your Blog

How To Generate More Comments On Your Blog

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Are you a blogger that craves more comments?

Do you create great content, but isn’t reflected with comments?

For most bloggers, comments are there to show you’re doing something right.

People are engaging with your content, they comment because they enjoyed it and want to offer their opinion, and is often an indication of how popular a blog post is.

But even if you’re producing high quality blog posts, it can sometimes be hard to encourage blog comments, which is where I come in!

Within this blog post, you’ll learn some brand new tips and tricks to help you generate more comments on your blog, to not only make it seem more popular to new visitors, but to also encourage you to keep producing high quality blog posts time and time again, so let’s get into it!

Have A Meaningful Ending

In order for your audience and readers to comment on your blog posts, you need to have a meaningful and proper conclusion to end your blog post’s.

If a visitor reads a whole blog post, but is confronted by an abrupt ending, which has no conclusion, ending or ‘Summary Of Points’, then the reader will just leave.

Which is such a waste!

These people are engaged in your content, and are more likely to comment, but as you didn’t give them any call to actions or conclusions, they just left.

If you’re were to add a meaningful conclusion, which wraps the blog post up nicely, then your audience will be more willing to comment.

But it isn’t just about meaningful endings which can help encourage comments;

  • Ask questions at the end of your posts, which encourages your reader’s to express their own views on your article
  • Think about adding a pop up, which encourages them to comment on your post
  • Embed a ‘Summary Of Points’ towards the end of your blog post, (which I have on this blog), which gives your readers a full low down on your post, which can encourage them to comment too

In order to entice your readers to comment, you need to give them substance at the end of your blog posts, from questions, call to actions to conclusions.

Ask Those Who Share It On Social Media

One great tactic I’ve seen other bloggers succeed well with is by asking others to comment who have shared their blog posts on social media.

After someone Re-Tweets your blog post, shares it on Facebook or Google+, you can then actively go in and ask them if they could comment on the blog post too.

This doesn’t always work, but you’ll receive more comments this way.

As the person is interested in what you have to say, (as they shared it), they’ll be more than inclined to follow through with your call to action, and comment.

Beware though – make sure you take this with a pinch of salt, as you don’t want to discourage others to share your articles, if they know you’ll come back with a request for a comment time and time again.

Add Credibility

One great thing that the fantastic Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income does, (who I’ve been a big fan for a number of years), is showcase the number of comments his blog posts receives.

Smart Passive Income Blog Comments

As you can see in the image above, a small green speech bubble graphic is featured on every blog post of his. It’s not hiding away, but is proudly showing to his audience. This tactic is a very clever idea to generate more comments on your blog.

If you see a blog post which has a large number of comments, it not only adds credibility to your blog posts, but it also encourages others to comment on your blog post too.

Why is this?

Because as humans have evolved, humans are more vulnerable to attack from outsiders if they’re by themselves. However, being part of a group increases your chance of finding food, a mate, and other benefits. (Wikipedia).

We feel inclined to be part of a group, and if we see one person commenting on a blog post, or more importantly, a whole bunch of people commenting on a blog post, we don’t want to miss out.

If you’re comfortable with it, add a small speech bubble graphic to the side of your blog posts (and include your own comments too), and you’ll see positive results.

Choose A Comment System Which Works

In order for your audience to comment on your blog posts, you need to have a commenting platform which others can easily comment, make their opinion, which is hassle free.

If you feel your blog commenting system doesn’t fall into these examples, then you need to change your commenting platform.

I use Disqus for this blog, which I highly recommend to anyone.

But of course, it isn’t for everyone.

There’s a big debate of what commenting system to use, but make sure you choose a platform which is easy to use and is hassle free.

Popular systems like Facebook comments, Disqus and WordPress comment plugins are the best to use in my opinion, but you want to choose a system which is low barrier to entry – not many fields to fill in.

Use a blog commenting system which you’re comfortable with, which users will love.

How Have You Improved Your Comments?

Comments aren’t the be all and end all, but it can help you seem more popular as a blogger.

Generate More Comments On Your Blog

Not only this, it can help you feel better about yourself, and feel like you’re doing something worth doing, which is always important.

Comments can start a conversation with your audience, help you connect with them, and make you appear as a real human being, something which highly regarded online.

I’ve shared a few tips and tricks to help you propel your comments on your blog, which you can easily put in practise straight away within your own blog.

But I’ll love to know – how have you improved your blog comments?

Do you agree with my tips?

Comments are more than welcome below

Summary Of Points

  • In order for you to gain more comments, you need to have a meaningful ending. Ask questions, have a conclusion, and add a ‘Summary Of Points’ if it helps
  • If someone shares your blog post on social media, experiment with asking them if they could comment on the blog post too
  • Add credibility to your blog posts by showcasing a small graphic which shows the number of comments your blog posts has received
  • Choose a commenting platform which is hassle free, easy to use, which has a low barrier to entry. I highly recommend Disqus
  • Comments aren’t the be all and end all, but it can certainly help your blog seem more popular! Follow these tips to generate more comments on your blog

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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