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Place Trust Within Your Business

A Comprehensive Guide To Gain Trust Within Your Business

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Have you got it embedded into your business?

You may have an unbelievable product, service or expertise, but without trust, your business is completely stuck in the mud.

Customers only purchase from those who they trust.

So, have you got trust embedded into your business ethos?

Do you want to build a company that is trusted, honest and professional? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to be giving you a comprehensive guide to help you build trust within your business, that helps you build more of an audience, sales, and a more successful business.

It’s a factor of business which gets overlooked, but INFOart is here to tell you exactly how to create a deep level of trust.

Being True To Yourself

There’s a quote which suits this blog post excellently;

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

When we meet those in real life, at parties, at networking events, at the local pub, you can see straight through people who aren’t themselves.

Individuals who hide a part of their character, are those who aren’t trusted.

Within your business, you need to be transparent, open and honest, to become a trustful and honest brand.

Customers only buy from those who they trust, and will never buy from those who don’t communicate this correctly.

To help you increase trust that others place in you, you need to be true to yourself, reveal your mistakes, your successes, and most of the things which happen within your business.

The more open you are towards your audience, a deeper trust will develop; and your brand will be a lot stronger for it.

Lets Look At One Prime Example

If you want to look at someone who has built a trustful reputation, a trustful business and a trustful brand, it’s Pat Flynn.

He’s the master at gaining trust from those who haven’t even met him before, and he’s a certain favourite of mine; you can’t help but just like him as a character.

He reveals how much money he makes, talks about his business within his weekly podcasts, reveals his mistakes, shares a great deal of content, and tells you when theres an affiliate link involved.

This trust is then transported into sales from his affiliate links and sales of his e-books, amongst many other financial avenues. His audience know exactly when a particular link is an affiliate link, and know that a certain amount of money goes to him.

But they also know that the products that are recommended by him, will help them with their business.

His whole business is built around trust, so lets study how you can develop trust within your business.

Give The Audience As Much Knowledge As Possible

I was reading Daniel Pinks, ‘To Sell Is Human‘ the other day (which is a great book), and he reveals that you should give your audience as much knowledge as possible.

Here’s what he said in a brief way;

“A car salesman puts no information inside his cars, no specs, no prices, no extra info. Potential customers look through these cars, and ask how much they are to the salesman. They both negotiate on the price, and the car is sold.

Another car salesman sells the exact same cars, but gives the customer a lot more information about the products which are at hand. He gives the price, all of the product information, computers for the customers to do research, and other informational material associated with the products.

People go up to this car salesman, and buy the car without negotiating.

On top of this, this car salesmen sells over triple the amount of cars as the previous example.”


It’s because of the extra info that you’re giving the customer. He gave them the resources to do their own research about the cars which he’s selling, and they found out that he’s actually giving them a good deal, and didn’t bother negotiating.

The customers can see exactly what they’re buying into, which communicated a transparent and honest brand; nothing is in the dark.

The Main Benefit Of Sharing Everything With Your Audience

Those who share the most, win.

Their not keeping anything back; they reveal everything that their doing, and let’s the audience know exactly what their buying into.

With this, the audience gains an unbelievable trust in what they have to say, and they are more than likely going to purchase things from them.

Going back to the prime example of Pat Flynn, he reveals a ton of information towards his audience, and this creates a very transparent brand.

Have a think about your business for one moment; is there anything that you’re holding back, which you can share with your audience?

Let me give you some examples;

  • Perhaps you can tell your audience when an affiliate link is involved
  • What about the products you recommend or even sell. Could you be extremely honest and tell your audience about it pro’s and con’s?
  • Are you giving the whole story about your products, business or yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Can you tell your audience how you got started, was it a big struggle to get started? Is there something which they can relate too?

Of course, you can’t reveal everything about your business.

But you can reveal of ton of information which can deepen the sense of trust which others place in you.

Building Trust Through Social Media

A lot of you have social media accounts, and they are a great vehicle to build an audience for your business and brand, but it’s also pinnacle for another reason.

The way you can build trust.

“82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved with social media”. (source: Forbes)

Gaining Trust Within Business

And if that isn’t enough;

“92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as social media, word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising” (source: Webbed Feet).

Social media is the golden tool to help you build trust within your business, and develop a brand which is honest.

It allows customers to see what you’re up to on a daily basis, see your own personality shine, and let you build an audience.

On social media, I want you to post or Tweet about the things which are happening within your business, that your audience can connect with.

These posts or Tweets are going to show what happening behind the brand, here’s some examples;

  • Showcase a product which you’ve recently sold, and show the process of you packaging it up, posting it, and generally giving the audience a look at how you do business
  • Take pictures of your work space, studio, office, so your audience can see where you do business
  • Have you made a mistake recently? Tell your audience about it, explaining how you’ve fixed this problem, and how you won’t do it again in business

Another way you can create trust is with a large following; if a potential customer sees that you’ve got a healthy following on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, then a level of trust is already built.

I explain how to grow your Twitter followers within my free e-book.

Focus on building your followers, by constantly replying to customers queriers, comments and complaints.

There’s one word I want to focus on; complaints.

How Can A Customer Complaint Lead To More Trust?

I want to focus on one area that is really important in gaining trust, and thats replying to complaints, and turning those negative reviews into resolved matters.

The next time someone complains towards your company on social media, reply back to them, whilst keeping a professional, steady and honest head.

Try and resolve the matter, regardless of the language they use, the type of complaint, or your own opinion on the matter.

I want you to do everything in your power to make them (at the very minimum) satisfied by the outcome.


Not only will the customer or that individual feel rewarded for their complaint, other’s will see this within their feeds too.

Other users can see that someone has complained, but as you handled the situation professionally, honestly and clearly, then more trust is going to develop in your brand.

Most company’s don’t reply back to complaints, and that’s a big mistake.

Not only are you losing a customer, you’re missing out on an opportunity;

“56 percent of customer tweets to companies are being ignored”. (source: Media Bistro)

If you just leave a negative comment or review, then that individual is going to miss out, and you are too.

For a customer to complain, they need to purchase a service or product from you, but how can you place trust in selling?

How To Place Trust In Selling

Even though you may be selling, you can still build trust.

Every business needs to sell to stay alive.

But there’s two ways which you can place trust in the services and products which you’re showcasing towards your audience.

Forbes Social Media Quote

Firstly, which I talked about before, is by telling the audience all about the product or services which they’re purchasing.

For products;

Tell them about its material, the way it packaged, why its unique, how much it costs, giving the audience as much info as possible.

For a service;

Why is your service unique, what do you offer, why is your service much better value than the rest, give them the inside and out.

As I’ve already touched on this topic, I want to focus on the second technique which can make your audience place trust in your product’s and service’s.

Recommendations, Reviews, and Testimonials

If you look at any strong brand, they have recommendations, reviews and testimonials in place to develop trust.

These are usually located on the home page, to install that level of trust from the word go.

Let’s look at a few examples;

Leadpages by Clay Collins is a prime example of testimonials and recommendations which are used excellently. As soon you hit the homepage, trust is built. From ‘Greenpeace’ to ‘MacRumours’ recommendations, the website even states;

‘Brands That Trust Leadpages’

Alongside this, recommendations from well known and successful people use their software, from James Schramko, Michael Port to Juan Martitegui.

The ever popular Amazon is another example. Whenever you go to buy a product, you can see exactly what other people think of the product, and if it’s right for you.

Amazon don’t hide this feature, they embrace it.

People are creatures of social proof, and we crave to be part of a group. Reviews is one way to know if something is right for you.

Put these onto your website, and let it shine.

Trust Can Make A Big Difference

If you’re struggling with selling, struggling to maintain a strong brand, or you’re struggling to build an audience, make sure you’re concentrating on placing trust within your business.

If it’s done correctly, it can really increase your business success.

Remember, customers only purchase from those who they trust, so let this be you.

What do you think?

Comments are more than welcome.

Summary Of Points

  • Be true to yourself, and don’t hide behind a fake personality. You’re completely unique, so let others see this in full glory
  • Share as much information as possible, let your audience know exactly what their buying, give them details about the product, and don’t hold anything back
  • If you’re business is not on social media, you’re missing out. Social media builds trust within a business, as other potential customers can interact with you, and see what you’re all about
  • Reply to complaints, and react in a professional, calm and honest manner. Other users will witness this, and place more trust in you as a result
  • Place testimonials, recommendations and reviews around your website to build a deeper level of trust

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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