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The Complete Guide To Fantastic SEO Practise

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Do you want to enhance your website SEO?

Would you love tips and tricks to help transform your website?

Following on from my last two blog posts, I shared a series of search engine optimisation tips to help you rank your website higher in Google’s search results.

From keyword research, Google’s Keyword Planner to why SEO is essential to your website, this blog post is going to teach you about embedding your keyword research into your content.

SEO is essential to guarantee users, traffic and conversions to your website, so be sure to check out my previous blog post before venturing onto this one, you wont regret it!

So let’s get cracking with some epic SEO tips and tricks!

Impeccable Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions is a piece of text that is seen below each link within Google’s search results, (see image below), which is usually between 150 and 160 characters. It’s an ideal place to gather more users and traffic to your website, and should be highly considered for your website.

SEO Meta Descriptions

An exceptional meta description can ensure users visiting your website, and to make the most out of Google.

Even though meta descriptions doesn’t impact SEO, if a user types in a keyword that is placed within your meta description, then Google will highlight it for them (example below). Delievering the most appropiate results for the user.

SEO Meta Descriptions

Taking your keyword research from my last blog post, I now want you to write meta descriptions that are neat, professional and add trust to your brand.

A good place to start is by downloading SEO Yoast, that is free WordPress plugin for your blog or website. This great tool allows you to easily track your keywords and gives you SEO suggestions, to help you rank higher.

Lets say your business offers social media marketing traning, and you want to rank for ‘Social media training in Hampshire’.

Instead of mindlessly embedding keywords into your descriptions, think about an enticing sentence that includes your keywords, for example;

‘Discover our exceptional and impeccable social media training in Hampshire. We are a worldwide company with over 200 employees in the UK’

With meta descriptions, it’s paramount that you deliver a call to action. Use words like ‘discover’, ‘click’ or ‘find out’ to make them want to visit your website and discover more.

Adding a piece of trust is also advised; as you can add an extra level of encouragement to make someone visit your website. You can see that I’ve used ‘We are a worldwide company with over 200 employees in the UK’.

This adds a level of trust to your website, which is essential to encourage new users to your website.

Adding Your Keywords Into Your Content

From your keyword research, its now time to add this to your content; the exciting stuff.

I highly recommend you add your top keywords that you want to rank for within your main pages; like your home page, your about page to your contact page.

This should appear natural and something that can also be beneficial to the user. I also encourage you to add these keywords to a variety of sources, from your headings, main content body, to your images.

Matt Cutts Blog

This sends a clear message to Google that you want to rank for these keywords, without ‘playing the game too much’. If you add too many keywords within a certain block of content, Google will penalise you accordingly, without you even knowing! Be careful with how you implement your keywords into your content.

Matt Cutts is a brilliant blogger and Google Software Enginner, and shares great content of how to write good content for your blog, without being penalised by Google. Follow his blog to get all the latest Google info.

Making Sure Your Images Are SEO Friendly

Much like embedding keywords within your content, making sure your images are SEO friendly is also a must.

Instead of just leaving an image as ‘untitled.jpg’ within your content, rename it so it has a keyword embedded.

TinyPNG Logo

Lets say you have a social media marketing company for example, and you want to promote your social media tips, it’ll be a good idea to rename your images as ‘social-media-tips.jpg’ for example.

This boosts your content further, and adds another dimension to your content. Use Tinyjpg to reduce the image file size too, to really make a huge difference.

Make A Difference Your Website Craves

You may have the best and most original content in the world, but if you lack good SEO practise, then no one will read your content.

It would be a massive shame if no one is reading the best content in the world!

Within this three part series of SEO, giving you an SEO introduction, using Google’s Keyword Planner, to this very blog post, you’ve now got all the tools at your disposal to make a huge SEO difference.

From heightened sales, more traffic and more leads through the door, use these epic SEO tips and tricks are here to really make a difference with your business.

I hope you enjoyed this three part series into SEO, and I hope you got a lot of great information out of it too!

But I’ll love to know;

How have you made a difference with your SEO?

Is there any tips that I’ve missed?

Did you enjoy this three part series?

Comments are more than welcome below;

Summary Of Points

  • Add your keywords into your meta decriptions to enhance your SEO. Make them eye catching, appealing and add call to actions to ensure they visit your website
  • Use words like ‘discover’, ‘find out’ and other enticing words to get users to click onto your website. The more appealing it is, the better!
  • Add your keywords into your content, and work your content around these keywords. Be careful as Google can penalise you if you ‘play the game’ too much
  • Enhance your images within your website and name them appropiately. This can make a massive boost to your SEO
  • SEO can make a massive difference to your business as a whole, so make sure this is a key aspect of your strategy

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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