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The Ultimate Guide To Epic Marketing Ideas

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Do you crave epic marketing ideas?

Lack that creative spark?

With marketing, it’s easy to follow the crowd, and think of same marketing ideas as everyone else.

To stand out with your marketing, you need to be original. Standing out from the crowd is a must.

Within this blog post you’ll discover epic marketing strategies that can propel your business forward. This quick and effective list will dramatically help you think of your own marketing ideas for your business. From networking, your marketing audience, to unique approaches, this blog post is here to help you think of extra marketing ideas.

Go Behind The Scenes

Especially on social media, consider going behind the scenes of your product or service.

This gives your audience a true feel for your business and why they should buy from you.

Look at your staff, your offices, and go into the ins and outs of what makes your product or service great.

Take photos on Instagram, Tweet about it on a consistent basis, or use Pinterest to offer the inside scoop.

Go To Different Networking Events

Networking is a fantastic way to engage with other business owners. It raises your profile, helps you gain more business and your marketing.

Instead of just going to one networking event a month, consider going to a few to really broaden your marketing scope.

Check out local events, try them out, and become a regular attendee! This will help you build those crucial relationships, that is so important in business.

Set A Challenge

Setting goals and targets is always a good thing to do in business, but it can also help your marketing too.

Setting yourself marketing challenges is a good idea to think about, from blogging every week, sending a monthly email newsletter every month, to updating your Twitter feed frequently.

This not only helps you keep consistent and on the right track, it makes sure you’re always marketing yourself, and never sitting back.

Narrow Down Your Audience

Narrowing down your audience is a great marketing idea to consider. Instead of marketing broadly towards your audience, be specific and targeted.

What do I mean by this?

Marketing Ideas

For example, instead of marketing towards a huge spectrum, market towards a narrow and specific group of people. By narrowing down your customers you can then create marketing material solely for them.

Speak in their language, address them and be the business that they want to hear from. This marketing idea will help your marketing tenfold.

Produce A Guest Post

Guest posting is not a lost art in my opinion, and can still work wonders for your business. It encourages more website traffic, and increases your exposure.

If you already write content for your website or blog, then get in contact with other bloggers.

Email them, get on their radar, and create great content for them. They will share the post, and depending on their popularity, will increase your exposure.

Meet Someone For A Coffee

Developing relationships is a big must with marketing and sales.

It’s who you know, not what you know. Your main objective with any small business is to keep connecting with people, and developing relationships.

People buy from people, and if you know the right people, you’re going to win.

On social media, through your networking contacts, or your existing clients, meet others for coffee or for a quick catch up on Skype.

Marketing Ideas

Marketing is all about getting your business in front of people, so if you can develop strong relationships, it’s always going to help you.

Offer Something Free!

Offering something for free to gain more clients and customers is always a good marketing idea to think about.

There’s many ways you can do this, from free webinars offering free advice, giving a free workshop, or writing a detailed blog post.

If you help others in business, they will help you. Put emphasis on helping other people within your business.

Writing A Marketing Plan

This isn’t a marketing idea, but it will help you think of more ideas in the future.

Writing your marketing plan will help you set goals, keep you on track, and see what budget you have to play with.

If you want more information about marketing plans, check out my previous blog posts on the topic which can be found here.

Marketing Ideas To Propel Your Business

To propel your business forward, having lots of different marketing ideas is crucial.

This can help you reach out to potential clients and customers, and guarantee that you’re always in their face (in a good way of course).

From ideas on social media, narrowing down your marketing scope to networking ideas, this blog post is here to help you. Especially if you’re struggling to think of innovative marketing ideas.

Try to think of unique marketing ideas to help propel your business forward, and use these ideas as platforms for success.

Summary Of Points

  • Go behind the scenes and showcase the ins and outs of your product or service
  • Narrow your marketing audience, and see if you can set challenges for yourself i.e. write one blog post a week, send one newsletter every two weeks
  • Go to different networking events around your local area, and meet others for coffee, on Skype, or on social media
  • Offer something for free to help your audience. From blogging, webinars to workshops to showcase your product or service
  • Check back with these marketing ideas to help propel your business for ultimate success

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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