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Email Newsletters That Convert

How To Create An Email Newsletter That Converts

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So you send an email newsletter?

Do you want to propel your email marketing?

Email is one of the best ways to market towards your target audience. With emails coming through to your audience personal inbox, it can propel your business tenfold.

Within this blog post you will learn how to propel your email newsletter, sharing tips and tricks to help you create better emails for your audience. This will encourage more people to open and click on your emails, something that’s highly sought after.

Your email list is the one element within business that you need to grow, as it’s that important! So let’s get going on today’s tips!

Focus On Being Clean & Clear

With email marketing, it’s crucial that you have a clear and clean message.

Especially true with an email newsletter, users want to travel around an email that’s well designed, well thought about, and has an overall tone.

Emails that don’t succeed are the opposite of this, they don’t have an overall message, and they leave their audience feeling confused and frustrated.

You don’t want this, and nor does your audience.

Emails that are full of information leave the user confused. If you feel this might be you, take a step back and reduce the amount of information your emails contains. Create a clear and concise email, that perfectly represents your brand.

Pro Tip: Make sure you know exactly what your email is about. Is it a monthly review, is it a new product or is it your employee of the month award? Jotting down a theme will help you considerably.

Write An Enticing Headline

Even if you spend a lot of time making sure your emails looks great, reads perfectly and feels good, it’s pointless if you have a rubbish headline.

You might of heard this a thousand times, but in order for others to read your content, your headline needs to be epic.

Email Newsletter Headline

It needs to draw users in, it needs to entice them, and it needs to leave them wondering what your email is about.

What do I mean by this?

Email headlines that are ambiguous often work wonders, as it leaves the audience on baited breathe.

They crave to see what’s inside, meaning more success for you! These users will see your amazing headlines, be drawn into reading your content, and engage with your content too.

Pro Tip: Never mislead your audience to gain more opens. This will leave a bad impression and force others to unsubscribe.

Include Links And Buttons

With your email newsletter, it’s imperative that you encourage users to commit to an action.

You always want to prompt your users with opt ins throughout your emails, that can direct people to email you, visit your website or make a purchase.

This ensures that there’s always a purpose to your emails, and keeps the theme and focus of your emails consistent.

Pro Tip: Use your brand colours as your links and buttons, so it keeps your emails consistent and in line with your brand. Your subscribers will become familiar with your colours, and raise your brand image.

Be Visual

One way you can drastically help your emails is with relevant images. Images are powerful as it draws people into reading your content or make a purchase.

Much like how images succeed on Twitter, images gives your email newsletter a lease of life, and essentially makes your emails unique.

Email Newsletter

This is especially important if you don’t want to send text only emails.

Pro Tip: Use high quality images that you don’t find anywhere else, and reframe from using old stock images. Create images yourself on Photoshop or get a designer to help you out.

The Email Software I Swear By

There’s lots of different email software that you can use to send your email newsletter.

From Vertical Response to Awber, there’s only one that I’ve used to market my services – Mailchimp.

Free for users under 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 sends a month, it’s an email service that I swear by. With templates, reports and a great user experience, I love Mailchimp’s service.

It’s a software you can use to develop your email marketing. Check out this blog post to help you get set up on the software.

The Successful Email Newsletter Code

Email marketing is a great way to propel your product or service to your audience.

They say the money is in the list, and I couldn’t agree more.

An email newsletter can become a powerful force with your marketing, as you raise awareness for your business, raise your brand and raise your sales too.

From creating an enticing headline, using powerful imagery, to including links and buttons, transform your email marketing today, and you’ll never look back!

But I’ll love to know;

What technique have you employed in your email newsletter?

Anything that I missed?

Comments are more than welcome below.

Summary Of Points

  • Focus on being clear and concise, and avoid overloading your users with too much information
  • Make sure you spend a considerable amount of time on your headlines, as this is what essentially drives people to look at your emails
  • Use images to spice up your emails, and make them attractive. This can entice users to look through your content and engage
  • Include links and buttons throughout, to encourage your users to engage and click on your email, driving more traffic to your website
  • I highly recommend you use Mailchimp email marketing software. It’s free (up to 12,000 sends and 2,000 subscribers), and it contains templates, reports and build your business.

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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