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How To Create Social Media Strategies For Your Small Business - Part One

How To Create Social Media Strategies For Your Small Business – Part One

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Do you agree?

Social media is an important platform to showcase your brand, showcase your business and showcase your product or service.

It’s evolved, changed, and developed over time, to become an important part of marketing for any business.

Even though its great when you get it right, it can also become frustrating when it doesn’t quite click in place.

This is why it’s crucial to develop a social media strategy for your business, to target your audience directly, encourage shares, likes and comments on your posts.

This can increase your brand awareness, and also increase the number of sales and prospects that your business receives.

That being said, I’ve created this first instalment of social media strategy tips that you can use within your marketing, and help you increase your social media marketing.

In this first blog post, you’ll understand who your target audience is, and I’m going to show you one prime example of a social media strategy that another business have used themselves.

This is going to be a great series, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

Creating Your Social Media Strategy – Know Your Target Audience

In order for your social media strategy to work for your business, you need to know exactly who your target audience is.

For example, if you come up with an excellent social media strategy, which is aimed at males who are aged over 40, but your actual audience is under 25 and female, then your strategy is going to be useless.

These people will not be engaged with your posts, will not comment, share and like them, so this is the first thing that you need to tackle.

But I hear you ask, how do I find out who my target audience is, especially on social media?

As the largest two players of social media are Twitter and Facebook, which I share tips to help you succeed with, I’m going to be sharing two great ways to know exactly who your target audience is on these platforms.

The first thing you can do is look at your Facebook Page insights.

This page gives you an excellent look at your target audience, who they are, their gender, to their age.

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you’ll benefit from lots of analytics of your followers.

Follow these quick steps to help you discover these important insights;

  • Visit Facebook, and log into your account
  • From here, click on your page on the left hand side, click on the ‘Insights’ tab, and then click on ‘People’
  • You can now investigate into your audience, from who they are, their gender, their age, to their current location

You can now get a sense of who your target audience is, as this gives you a firm indiction of who they are.

Things to ask yourself – who makes up a large part of your audience?

What is their average age?

Where are they currently located?

Use this information to your advantage, so you can get an understanding of who makes up your target audience.

Think about themes that these people will be interested in, what topics they’re likely to share, and things which they’ll engage with.

Pro Tip – Further Investigation Into Your Facebook Followers

Users on Facebook love to share what they’re up to, what their currently doing, and what their interests are – which you can use to your advantage.

As users ‘Like’ particular television shows, ‘Like’ their favourite types of food, and ‘Like’ their favourite hobby, you can use this information within your social media strategy.

Visit some of your followers profiles, and see what they’ve ‘Liked’ on the left hand side. This may completely range from one person to the next, but you can understand what these people have in common, and what their interests are.

You can then use this and start to embed this within your social media strategy.

For example – if your followers all generally like a particular television show like ‘Scrubs’, you can create a series of Tweets or Facebook posts that is directed to this.

Social media is all about engagement with the audience, so what better way to engage with them by talking about the things that they love?

Creating Your Social Media Strategy – Know Your Twitter Audience

Another great way to understand your audience is by looking at your Twitter analytics.

You can also get an insight into the age of your audience, where they come from, and how engaged they are.

Using both Facebook and Twitter insights, you can then compile this and understand exactly who your target audience is online, as these are the biggest social media networks out there today.

But how can you do this with Twitter?

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have an ‘Insights’ page, but it’s all good, I use an outside source to help me out.

I use Followerwonk, which is a great service that allows you to analyse your own followers, and see exactly who follows you.

Social Media Quote Jay Baer

All you have to do is add your Twitter account, and then you analyse the whole of your Twitter audience.

Follow these steps;

  • Go to Followerwonk, and click on ‘Analyse Followers’. Type in your twitter handle (@infoartblog .etc.), and make sure you analyse ‘their followers’ – which are your followers
  • Twitterwonk will analyse this, and then you can go through your followers by understanding their location, their age to how many Tweets they’ve Tweeted

This doesn’t give you as good indiction as Facebook Insights gives you, but you can certainly work out who makes up your Twitter following.

Furthermore, you can use this information and compile this with your Facebook Insights research, and start to gather a good insight into your average audience member.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Example

Now you understand who makes up your audience, and who you can target, let’s look at one great social media strategy example, and what you can learn from it.

I recently came across v8 Juice’s Facebook page, which showcases a fantastic social media strategy.

Not only do they get people engaged on this platform, they have a theme throughout that others can comment on, like and share to their friends and family.

With a banner that tells the audience exactly who they are, they post content which is sought after by the audience.

But how do they create content which is always so popular?

Not only are they targeting certain people, they know exactly what they need to post to get people to engaged.

The absolute secret – they know who their target audience is.

Their heathy people, they like natural products, and they like to be as active as they can.

The company know who likes them, and what their own interests are, which is so important within their marketing.

This suits their natural product, and gives the product a natural, organic and fresh feel.

When you visit their page, you can see a consistency is formed; they post about natural products – vegetables, fruit, natural ingredients, and form this into their strategy.

This doesn’t mean that they’re always lecturing people about this sort of content, but are doing it in a way which is fun and communicates their brand perfectly.

This is the first thing that you need to think about with your social media marketing strategy for your business.

Create an consistent theme that is targeted towards your audience, which makes them click on your content, and makes them want to share your posts.

But we’ll go through this within the next blog post!

Tune In To The Next Blog Post For The Next Crucial Step!

In the next blog post, I’m going to sharing Part 2 of creating a engaging social media strategy for your small business, which encourages shares, likes and comments.

We’ll be going into further detail about using the research that you’ve compiled about your target audience, and using the example of V8 Juices, to create a social media strategy that is right for you.

Before this though, I want you to do some homework.

Research your target audience by looking on Facebook Insights and Followerwonk, so you can understand exactly who to target with your social media strategy, it will definitely help you.

Your business is only as good as your marketing, so make sure you follow these tips by implementing them.

Check back next time for the next instalment.

Comments are very much welcome.

Summary Of Points

  • In order for you to create a effective social media strategy, you need to know exactly who makes up your audience
  • For you to do this, go onto your Facebook Page, and look at your ‘Insights’ tab, which gives you a firm indiction of your audience
  • If you don’t happen to have a Facebook page, use your Twitter account to give yourself an understanding of your audience. Use Followerwonk to analyse your followers and compile this research to understand who your target audience is
  • In the next blog post, I’ll be sharing Part 2 of how to create an effective social media strategy for your small business, so make sure you check that out

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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