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Colour And Light James Gurney Book Review

Colour and Light – James Gurney Book Review

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I’ve recently read and studied this great book that I’am going to review and share with you today, as I feel that strongly about it, as it’s a book that can open your eyes to how you use colour within your art and your creative studies.

If your an artist, designer, photographer, or want to know more about how colours affect one another inside images, this book if for you. In today’s post I’m going to talking about ‘Colour And Light – A Guide For The Realist Painter’, by James Gurney, which I use on a daily basis, so let’s get into it.

How I Got Introduced To This Book

While I was at University, studying illustration, I had many friends from my class refer and recommend me to this book, which I was unsure about at first, until my good friend lent me the book to have a read through. By the 20th page, out of 224, I was addicted and needed to buy the book for myself.

I had confidence within my purchase as I had already read the first 20 pages, which I loved, and because of the excellent reviews that were coming from my peers inside the studio. Even though I finished the book inside out, including that of highlighting key elements of what the book talks about, I have it right beside me as we speak, so I can always refer back to it if needs be.

That’s why it’s one of my first book recommendations on my ‘Resourses page’ page, as I truly love it!

The Basics Of This Book

This book gives excellent analysis of how colours interact with each other, and gives you many examples of paintings from Gurney, from his Dinotopia series.

Apart from giving you excellent theory about particular lighting conditions, like the ‘Colour zones of the face’, ‘Transmitted Light’ and ‘Edges and depth’, it also gives you a deep analysis of the colour wheel and how you can use this to your advantage.

Who’s This Book For?

I would say this book is for artists, designers, creatives, and those of you who want to get a better understanding of colour. Even though this book is aimed at a guide for the realist painter, which it particularly is, I would say that the book is important for all creatives who make all forms of art and designs.

As artists and designers need to know whats colours go well together, that make great, eye catching imagery. The book doesn’t just touch upon particular subjects on light and colour, but goes into depth and analysis about the subject, which is fantastic.

One Key Element Of The Book

One aspect of the book which I’m always referring back to, is that of gamut colours. A gamut is a selected bit of the colour wheel, which you only paint within, an example is shown below. The best way to use colour within your art, is to know what to use, and what to leave out.

By sticking to painting only what is inside the shape, you can control the colours which you use, resulting in a better overall image. This changed the way I approach my paintings and art, and I have discovered how this can transform my imagery for the better.

James Gurney Gamut Colours

Any Negatives?

I might be really biased when it comes to this book, but I can’t really think of any negatives for this book, as I truly love it.

If I’m being extremely picky, maybe it would of been good to see some old masters paintings inside, so you can refer back to how these masters used light and colour within their paintings. But this a very small suggestion which I’ve only just thought about, as I love James paintings throughout the book. This isn’t a negative towards the book, but this book is probably not suitable if your not interested in gaining more of an insight into colour and light.

Where Can I Get It From?

The book is available at any Amazon Store, at a very reasonable price of £11.55 for a good 224 pages, so it’s not a small book. The reviews are excellent on Amazon, and just reflects how good this book is, and it’s not just me who thinks this book is great.

Have you got his book already, what do you think of it?

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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