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The Ultimate How To Guide To Business Twitter Ideas

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Do you use Twitter within your marketing?

Do you know all the possible ways to Tweet?

With the rise of so many different social media platforms, Twitter is still a big part of people’s marketing plans.

Twitter is a great way to build an audience, share fantastic content and raise the awareness of your brand. With lots of different ways you can market yourself, what different ways can you Tweet?

Within this blog post you will discover over 7 different formulas to Tweet. From tweeting with an image, text only, all the way through to retweets, this is a blog post full of business Twitter ideas.

Tweet With An Image

One of my favourite ways to Tweet (which I probably use 90% of the time), is with an image.

They say humans respond faster to images than we do to text, which is why a lot of Twitter marketers use this within their own marketing.

Use Buffer’s social media image size guide to help you use the correct image size dimensions for each platform. I use it on a weekly basis, I can’t recommend it more!

Tweet Without An Image

Much like Tweeting with an image, this is probably the easiest Twitter tactic out of these business twitter ideas, as it’s just a plain and simple Tweet.

Twitter Images

Use the power of words to encourage and attract more shares of your Tweets. Quotes, Tweets without a link and more personal statuses are great for this.

Tweet Without A Link

Using a tweet with an image or without, use this technique to be seen as less ‘salesy’, and offer your audience the inside scoop.

I’ve found this tactic to be very beneficial to my account, as you’re not encouraging your audience to click on a link.

This is seen as personal to your audience as you’re not selling down their throats, which I highly recommend.

Retweet A Tweet

A way to share great content to your audience, but to also get on the radar of influencers is with retweets.

This tactic has been a part of Twitter for many years, and is great tactic to combine with other business Twitter ideas.

If you struggle to find content to retweet, create a Twitter list with all of your favourite content providers. Every time you access your list, only these users Tweets will appear.

Tweet With And Without Hashtags

Hashtags were essentially born and bred on the land of Twitter, and is a great way to broaden your exposure on the platform.

If you include a hashtag within your Tweets, and someone searches for that hashtag, your Tweet will appear.

Business Twitter Ideas

You can use as many as you wish per Tweet, but I recommend you use a maximum of 2-3. Combine this with Tweets without hashtags for great effect.

Warning – don’t go too overbroad with hashtags as they can be seen as spammy and will detract users to follow you.

Quote Retweet

Much like retweeting a user, a Quote Retweet allows you to offer your personal opinion on a certain Tweet.

If you click on the Retweet button, you can then click on Quote Retweet.

This is a great way to be seen as personal, while sharing great content to your audience at the same time.

Twitter Cards

An interesting way to Tweet that is relatively new to the world of Twitter, is Twitter cards.

Something that I don’t use too much with my accounts, this is a great way to promote extra information to your users.

Other Formulas To Consider

Here’s a list of other ways you can grow your Twitter profile by using these other Twitter formulas.

  • Direct Tweeting another user (using the @ symbol)
  • Tweet with a link
  • Only Tweet an image (no text)
  • Taking part in Twitter chats by using a hashtag (check out this great directory for more info!)
  • Embedding video into your Tweets
  • Integrating IFTTT into your Tweets from other social media platforms
  • Tweet a quote
  • Link to another social media platform

Use These Formulas To Rock Your Business Twitter Ideas!

Twitter is brilliant at growing your audience, and these business Twitter ideas and formulas are here for you to experiment with.

I always recommend you mix up your content by using lots of different techniques to Tweet.

From Twitter cards, Tweets with an image to Retweeting a user, this list helps you combine a multitude of different ideas and techniques into your marketing.

But I’ll love to know;

How do you mix up your Twitter updates?

What formulas do you like best?

Is there anything that I’ve missed?

Comments are more welcome below.

Summary Of Points

  • Use Tweets with images to enhance the effectiveness of your Tweets
  • Try out a Tweet that is text only (without an image)
  • Tweet without a link and be seen as personal and non-spammy
  • Retweet and Quote Retweet to share great content to your audience, whilst getting on the radar of influencers
  • Use Twitter cards by giving your audience extra information

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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