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A Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Following

A Complete Guide To Building Your Twitter Following

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Want to get some exclusive Twitter marketing knowledge?

Love to discover exactly what I do within my own Twitter marketing strategy?

Even though it’s fantastic to offer high quality tips and tricks, there’s nothing much like offering exactly what I do on a daily basis with my own Twitter marketing strategy.

I’ve been able to gradually build my Twitter audience over time on INFOart’s Twitter profile, and even though it’s not the biggest following at 1,824 (July 2015), I’m still proud of how I’ve built my audience, and provide my followers with good quality content.

Sure, you may have a lot more followers than me, but it’s always good to see what another blogger, business owner and freelancer is doing to build their audience, which I know you can gain a lot from!

Within this blog post, you’ll learn exactly what my aim and marketing strategy is with my Twitter profile, and how I’m planning on building it in the future, and what I’m currently doing to connect with as many people as possible.

You’ll learn the software, the tactics and approach that I take within my marketing strategy, which you can take through to your social media strategy, and emulate some of my tactics! This is all first hand experience and tactics, that is so valuable to build your own social media following!

I’m really looking forward to showcasing exactly what I do within my Twitter marketing strategy, so let’s begin!

1. I Schedule My Tweets Using Tweetdeck

A couple of years ago, I Tweeted manually. This involved logging onto Twitter to Tweet individual Tweets. Even though I loved it, and still Tweet manually every now and again, this approach took out too much time out of my day.

Even though scheduling my Tweets also takes a lot of time out of my day (as I have to schedule for 3 social media accounts), I can leave it to it’s own devices, and don’t have to come back to it until the end of the week.

It may take a bit of time out of my day, but I think it’s really important to always be putting myself and my services out their towards my audience on Twitter, and to market myself on a daily basis.

There’s lots of scheduling pieces of software out there, but I love Tweetdeck, as it’s easy to use, gives the user the ability to add images to Tweets, and saves me a lot of time overall!

If you want to save time, easily promote content and your services, and to not worry about logging onto Twitter all the time, then Tweetdeck is the first piece of Twitter software for you!

2. I Share More Than I Promote

To ensure my followers and potential followers notice that I’m sharing great quality content on a consistent basis, my ethos with my all of my Twitter accounts is to share other peoples content other than my own.

Why is this?

Because I want other users to come onto my profile, and see that I’m not just promoting my own content, but to see that I’m trying to provide them with high quality content from other sources too.

Even though I could definitely promote my content all the time, I wouldn’t be comfortable with this and I think my followers would dramatically suffer as a result.

Here’s what I do;

I share my own content generally at the peak times in my time zone, which is usally 1pm, 3pm and 5-6pm everyday. This is often my own blog posts, products or Tweets that I want to get noticed.

I would promote my own content only 4-7 times a day at these times, as I want my profile and Twitter feed to promote other content that I love, that I think is beneficial to my audience.

This works well as I’m not always promoting my own content.

If you want to increase your followers, don’t have enough content to Tweet about, or you just want to be seen as a user that’s providing your audience with great content, share other people’s content more than your own, it’ll work wonders for you!

3. I Generally Use Tweets With Images More Often

Tweets with images are twice as likely to be Re-Tweeted than the opposite only text Tweets.

This is why, if you visit my Twitter profile, you’ll notice that most of my Tweets have images embedded. I tend to get attracted to Tweets that have images embedded, so I make sure I do this within my Tweets.

To really project your Tweets towards your audience, be sure to include images within your Tweets, you’ll see a massive spike with your Re-Tweets, comments and engagement!

4. Re-Tweeting Those With Influence

Even though I do this a bit less now (and should do more of), I try and Re-Tweet those with influence from time to time, and try an get myself on their radar, so they hopefully Re-Tweet my content in the future.

Even though I’ve got this mentality, I never ‘sell’ my content down their throats, or constantly ask them to Re-Tweet my content, but just try and pop up every now and again, and just remind them I’m still here.

I do this with Re-Tweeting their content, and actively getting on their radar, instead of always sending a direct Tweet to them; but this can work if you do it every now and again.

If you want a particular user or group of people to share your content or Tweets, get on their radar by Re-Tweeting their Tweets, talking with them, and striking up a conversation.

The whole point of social media is to be social, build a audience, and to connect with people within the platform,

4. I Repeat My Tweets

They say that an average Tweet lasts 13 minutes after publishing, which isn’t very much at all, so it’s key that you repeat your Tweets.

I repeat my Tweets throughout the day and week because I know not all of my audience will see one individual Tweet, let me explain;

If I Tweet once to my audience, and tell them about a brand new blog post, then using the formula of 13 minutes that the Tweet will last, not all of my followers will be online at this time.

Some of my followers might be in a different time zone, some might get bombarded with loads of other Tweets at the same time of mine (meaning less chance of me getting noticed), and some might offline.

This is my main reason why I recycle my Tweets, so I make sure that a good proportion of my followers sees my content that I’m sharing to them, and saves me a bit of time too!

If you feel uncomfortable with recycling content for Twitter, don’t be! You need to recycle Tweets for this very reason; so you can make sure you provide your audience with the best of your content that you’re providing.

Not only will you save time and effort, you’ll see massive affects with your engagement on Twitter, as more people will see your Tweets, and more likely to share it as a result!

5. CrowdFire

Do you want to dramatically increase your social media followers?

The Crowdfire App uses Twitter’s API to follow other users with a simple click of a button, that can really help you increase your following.

The golden rule of Twitter is for others to follow you, you need to follow them first.

Once you follow certain people, they’ll get a notification, and most of the time, follow you back as a result!

Instead of manually going onto Twitter every time to do this, use Crowdfire to really help you out.

Log on to Crowdfire, click the ‘Copy Followers’ tab, type in one of your competitions Twitter handle, and simply click the plus sign to follow!

Follow your competitors followers, un-follow users that aren’t following you back, and use it all for free!

Now All You’ve Got To Do Is Put It Into Practice!

If you want to dramatically improve your Twitter following, engagement and chances of Re-Tweets, make sure you follow these tips and tricks!

From clever pieces of software to save you time, sharing great content, to embedding images within your Tweets, to using applications like Crowdfire and Tweetdeck, these Twitter tactics can make such a difference with your marketing success.

Twitter marketing can make such a powerful difference with your business, from extra traffic to your website, a bigger fanbase and customer base, to increasing your brand image, use Twitter to heighten your own marketing success!

They’ve worked wonders for me, and I just know they can work wonders for you too!

But I’ll love to know;

How have you built your Twitter following?

Are there any tips you can share?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Schedule your Tweets using Tweetdeck, which can save you a lot of time throughout your week
  • Provide your audience with great quality content, which isn’t always your own!
  • Use Tweets with images to dramatically increase your chance of shares and interactions
  • Re-Tweet and send direct Tweets to those with influence, who can possibly share your content in the future, by getting on their radar!
  • Use the software ‘Crowdfire App’ to increase your followers in an instant!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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