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Boost Your Linkedin Profile

5 Hidden Tactics To Boost Your Linkedin Profile

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Do you use Linkedin within your marketing?

Want to gain more work and prospects from Linkedin?

Linkedin is a fantastic platform for professional individuals, to connect with like minded business owners, build relationships, and potentially gain more work for yourself.

With it’s growing network of 380 million (Statista), and with people connecting every minute, it’s a great place to boost your business and personal career.

However, especially when I started, it seemed a very daunting social media platform to be on, and took me a bit of time to find how to take advantage of it and use it to propel my own career and business.

Within this blog post you’ll learn 5 hidden tactics that can boost your Linkedin profile, and turn you into a real professional on the platform. This blog post reveals lots of hidden secrets that a lot of beginners disregard or don’t know about, and how you can strategically propel your Linkedin marketing efforts!

Connect With Local Companies / Individuals

Linkedin is all about connections essentially; the more you have, the better.

The great thing about Linkedin is the ability to always be in touch with your prospects, whether you own a product or service business.

One of the many elements you can tap into is the feed, (which is a lot like Facebook’s feed), where the most recent updates appear at the top.

With this in mind, I want you to manually write down (or produce a Word or Pages document) individuals you want to target, that you can refer back to at any point.

These individuals should be those that you’ll like to work with in the near future, or those who will most probably hire your services / use your business.

I then want you to regularly keep in touch with these people, so you’re always in their feed.

This shouldn’t be salesy in any way, and should be a chance for you to build a rapport and relationship with others. This also shouldn’t be an excuse to bombard people, as you’ll cause an opposite reaction of what you’re trying to achieve!

Use this space to develop long lasting business relationships.

The beauty with this Linkedin tactic is when you share an update onto your feed, these individuals will most likely comment, like, and do business with you because of it.

Send A ‘Thanks For Connecting’ Message – But Resist The Sales Approach

Imagine Linkedin as a networking event.

You don’t want to go on there and act like a salesman, who always talk about themselves. Instead you need to build relationships (notice the theme within this blog post?).

I strongly advise you to send a quick and friendly ‘Thanks for connecting’ message to every new connection. A lot of bloggers advise against this, but I personally think its ok of you’re not selling down their throats, and just want to use it as a way to start a conversation with the other person.

The bad thing about Linkedin is that once you connect with someone, most users don’t follow it up. A connection is made, but then nothing comes of it.

Get in the habit of messaging those who connect with you, and keep a database of those you’ve messaged, and you’ll see the reward.

Personalise Your Linkedin Connection Messages

Much like the tip above, personalising your Linkedin connecting message is also strongly advisable.

This makes your messages personal, and something that you’ve took the time to create.

I have a couple of draft Linkedin messages on my laptop, that I can grab at an instance and use within my connection messages; which I can then personalise accordingly.

This makes me different and unique from other users.

This is such a valuable tactic to have in mind, as it’s so simple and highly effective!

Simply construct a draft message on your computer and you’ll be laughing!

Keep An Eye On The Right Hand Box

If you don’t have that much time on your hands to keep checking your connections, one valuable and unused element is the small top right box on the home page, (pictured below).

Boost Your Linkedin Profile

This gives you a quick and informative view of what your connections are doing, if they have work anniversaries in particular, and gives you the power to interact with them further.

Linkedin automatically refreshes and changes these connections if you Like and comment on each one, so its very quick and easy for you to remain active on the platform.

I’m not a huge fan of a robot saying congratulations for me, as it looks very fake. This option gives you a lot of room to personalise your activity.

Join & Be Active On Linkedin Groups

One underused element of Linkedin are groups.

This is a great place to be active, be seen as an authority on the space, and to get your business out there in front of an audience!

If you’re not part of any groups yet, simply type in your preferred subject (lets say ‘Marketing’ for now) into the search bar, and click on ‘Groups’ on the left hand side.

From here, you can go through the groups that you could potentially join, request to join, start a conversation, and get more eyes on your business.

This is so valuable to help get your business seen on another scale, so make sure you use this hidden element within Linkedin!

Do You Use Linkedin To It’s Full Potential?

Linkedin is fantastic for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

Completely different from many other social media platforms out there, it’s a space that drive new customers to your business, drive traffic to your website, and drive your business forward!

However, in comparison to other social media networks, it requires time and effort to become a consistent user on the platform.

With these tips, you’ll be able to maximise your profile effortlessly, and be seen as a top professional!

But I’ll love to know;

How do you use Linkedin to drive sales?

Have I missed any obvious hidden tactics?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • 1 – Connect with local companies and individuals that you can potentially work with the future, and interact with them
  • 2 – Get in the habit of sending ‘Thanks for Connecting’ messages to your new connections. Keep it friendly, and don’t sell down their throats!
  • 3 – Personalise your Linkedin connection messages by typing out individual messages, this will make you completely different from the rest
  • 4 – Keep your eye on the right hand box, that offers you a quick and easy solution to be active on Linkedin
  • 5 – Join and be active on groups within your industry, share great content, and be seen as a content provider

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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