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How To Maximize Your Writing That Boosts Engagement

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Do you want users to read your content?

Do you want more engagement with your website and blog too?

For many bloggers and content providers out there, the hardest part is often keeping your users engaged, and encouraging them to read all of your content!

With “71% of marketers getting an increased content marketing budget“, and how content can dramatically improve your business as a whole, providing your audience with engaging content is a must.

Within this blog post, you’ll learn some crucial writing tips and tricks that will help keep your users engaged and interested whilst reading your content.

You’ll learn how to take full advantage of users travelling throughout your website, opting into one of your email newsletters, and then the ultimate step; buying from you too.

Use the power of content to propel your business forward, and use these tips and tricks to make your content engaging!

Use The Word ‘You’

When I started blogging a couple of years ago, I used to talk to my audience, and not with them.

I would use words like ‘they’ and ‘them’, and would notice that my content wasn’t connecting with my audience.

The trouble with this sort of writing, is that others don’t connect with what you’re saying, meaning less time on your blog, and most importantly, engagement.

As you start to talk with your audience, they’ll be more inclined to follow you throughout your blog post, and learn from it.

To help you connect with your audience, use words like ‘you’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, that makes them think that you’re speaking about them, and no one else!

As there’s usually only one person that’s reading your content at a time, so direct your writing towards them!

This is a really important tip, that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Be Honest With Your Experiences

Even though it’s crucial to celebrate your wins, successes and achievements, and tell your audience about it, it’s also crucial to showcase your failures and mistakes too.

You may have a lot of successes, but everyone makes mistakes, so make sure you tell your audience!

Of course, this is very hard to achieve if you’re a corporate business, and want to only showcase your achievements, but try to tell the story of how your evolving towards your audience.

Maybe it’s something which you’re improving from your vast experience, and turn a potential negative experience into a positive.

We all make mistakes from time to time, so make sure you share it, which you can actually help others with too!

This is then your chance to be seen as someone or a business who is honest with their experiences, and get others to trust you more.

The more you open up to someone and show your honest self; the better.

Include Helpful Links Throughout

As your users work their way through your content, do they notice backlinks and interlinks throughout your writing?

It’s paramount that you include these sorts of links throughout your content; so your users can learn more about a particular subject, go to another page on your website, and discover more about you and your business.

However, there’s a fine line between bombarding your content with links, than placing none at all. A good rule of thumb is to place one or two links within each section of your content. (When I say section, I mean in between headings)

This will encourage your users to engage with your content more, and help them learn even more from your content.

Make Use Of The End And Start Of Your Content

Most interactions come within the start and end of any piece of content, so it’s important that you let the user have a choice of what to do, for example;

Users who are new to your content, will be very engaged with what you say, and what you’re offering. If they notice a internal link or interesting pop up, they’ll be inclined to click on it.

In comparison, it’ll be the same for a user if they go all through your content, and read every part of your content, till the very end. These people are interested in what you say, and are your most engaged users.

So, we need to make sure they stay on your website by giving them options; this is key.

If they go throughout your content, or arrive on your blog, and you don’t give them anything in return, they’ll simply leave.

You need to make sure this doesn’t happen by giving them options. Have popups, have links at the start and end of your content, have social media links. Encourage them to do something extra.

This is when engagement within your content is at it’s highest, so make sure you take full advantage of it.

The Key: Write Great Content!

These tips are here to help you keep your audience on your blog or website for longer, but the absolute key is to write great content.

The better your content, the more chance you’ll have to keep your audience for longer, as if they’re addicted to your content, they’ll stay on your website for longer!

Focus on your spelling, your grammar, the way you write, and you’ll become a content master, that is effortless at keeping readers on your website.

Use these tips to help keep your users on your website for longer!

How have you kept users on your website?

What content tips can you share?

Comments are more than welcome below!

Summary Of Points

  • Use words such as ‘you’, ‘us’ or ‘our’, to make your readers feel like their part of your gang, and helps them think that you’re writing for them!
  • Be honest with your experiences, by sharing your mistakes and lessons. If you’re a corporate business, reveal how you’re progressing as a company (learning from your mistakes)
  • Include back links and internal links throughout your content to encourage engagement and interactions throughout your website
  • Make full use of the beginning and ending of your content, by placing pop ups and more backlinks
  • Provide your audience with great content, and they’ll be more inclined to stay on your website for longer!

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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