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Email Segmentation

The Basics Of Email Segmentation And How To Get It Right

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Do you send marketing emails?

Would you love more conversions?

Email marketing is a brilliant way to grow your business, from heightening your brand, your sales, and your customers.

However lots of marketers are missing out on the potential of email segmentation, resulting in emails which are too broad and impersonal to users.

Within this blog post you will learn how to use email segmentation to propel your email marketing, and discover how to do it right.

1. Why Segment Your Email List?

Email marketing helps you keep connected with your audience, and gives you the opportunity to sell to them.

Segmenting your list makes your emails targeted, as different users receive different content, depending on the list they’re in.

Users are often segmented into interests, job roles to the type of customer they are.

These users then receive targeted emails that’s more in line to their interests and what they want to hear about.

For example, you may have a ‘Second Hand Cars’ email list. From your research, you could segment them into a ‘Family Car List’, and send them content around this subject. From family cars to accessories for babies, this content is highly targeted.

This focuses your marketing, and keeps it on point.

2. Understand Your Customers

It’s important that you understand who makes up the bulk of your audience, as if you don’t know this, you won’t be able to successfully segment your list.

You can do this by reading my previous blog post on the subject, but in essence you need to think about 3-4 ideal customers.

What is their name, what is their sex, what do they do for a living? Write down everything about them, and understand them more than they know themselves. This will not only help your email marketing, it helps your marketing as a whole.

Think about segmentation as the segments in a tangerine, each segment makes up the overall fruit, and it wouldn’t work without one missing. They all work together to form the whole.

Email Segmentation

You’ll understand who makes up your audience, and better serve them with content, services and products that they want to buy.

Now you’ve read my previous blog post and recorded 3-4 of your ideal customers, you now need to bring this into your email software. I use Mailcimp as my email marketing software and can’t recommend them enough. But whatever software you use, these tips will apply.

3. Email Segmentation

Now you’ve got your customer personas down to a tee, you can now segment your list.

Use these 3-4 customers to construct your lists. You may have a list of freelancers, agencies to small businesses for example.

You want to have a several lists for this to be effective. Using Mailchimp as an example, go to Lists, and click ‘Create New List’.

Do this for all the segments of your email lists, describing who makes up the list, and what they all have in common.

This is crucial as when you send emails to these people, you need to know what to send them.

4. Mixing Newsletters And Direct Emails

A good rule of thumb is to send a monthly newsletter and direct email once a month. Of course, this might not suit your business or marketing, but this is a good strategy to follow.


Because it allows you to send a general email to all of your lists, and specific emails too. When sending an email to a segmented list, you need to make sure you’re thinking the same way as these users.

What do they really want to hear about, and how can you help them succeed?

This will guarantee that you’re always on the ball with your marketing, and will elevate your results.

5. Feeding This Back Into Your Sales Process

As you start to send regular direct emails to your segmented email lists, use your reports and analytics to feed this back into the sales process.

Sales Funnel

Target those who are engaged with your emails, ring them up, send them an email (not using software), and make yourself known to them on a personal level.

This has a large success rate as these people are already engaged with your content.

Segmenting Your Email List To Success

Email segmentation has been a brilliant way to build my own brand and keep my services seen.

I didn’t segment straight away when I started building my email list, which was a big mistake.

I couldn’t see what group of customers were the most engaged, and affected my sales as a result.

Email segmentation allows you to send personal and targeted emails. Marketing that isn’t targeted never works, which this process certainly solves.

Don’t make the same mistake as me and segment your email list today!

You wont regret it!

But I’ll love to know;

How have you segmented you email list?

If there anything I’ve missed?

Comments are more than welcome below.

Summary Of Points

  • Email segmentation allows you to send personalised and targeted emails to your list
  • This makes them more effective, and encourages your audience to engage with your content
  • Write down your customer personas, and think about 3-4 different customers for your business
  • Feed this into your lists, and create several lists with these different customers in mind
  • A good rule of thumb is to send one monthly newsletter and one direct email a month. This doesn’t apply to all businesses, but is a great place to start

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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