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What is INFOart

INFOart is all about tips, advice and ideas for people who want to run their own businesses.

Even if you're not in business yet, enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself can become successful business owners and I'll show you how.

Maybe you're thinking about setting up your own company but don't have the knowledge, confidence or experience to do so. Maybe you're a recent graduate, not knowing what to do next, and are stuck for help and need advice! Or maybe you're an experienced entrepreneur, who would like more knowledge to boost your sales.

This blog is aimed at all business fields, including branding, marketing, audience building, social media, the list goes on and on.

I want you to succeed with all of your adventures which you have to tackle, and hopefully I can guide you through to be a success and allow me to also learn along the way.

Who's behind INFOart

The man behind INFOart

My name is Haydn Symons and I'm a Illustrator and Designer from Hampshire in United Kingdom. I have experience with all sorts of illustration and design projects, such as editorial, book covers, posters and illustrated maps.

I'm also the Co-Founder of Graphic Tide, a t-shirt design company also based in the United Kingdom.

Graphic Tide feels passionately about promoting artists, and their talents, and we help these people get their work onto t-shirts for the world to see.

If you get through our voting platform, we print your designs onto t-shirts, get featured on our blog and social media platforms, and gain commission on every t-shirt that we sell. So if you fell this is for you, submit to us for free at, we would love to see your artworks.

I write about the things which I have learnt along the way, by giving helpful tips and tutorials that can help with your career.

My website is, if you want to look at my work, and my blog at It would be great to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

Why I'm passionate about INFOart and sharing my knowledge with you

I am very passionate about anything to do with creativity, businesses and making them a success!

We are going through tough economic times, but there is no reason that you cannot be successful within this climate, which a lot of very successful men and women are achieving right now!

I know the pressures that come with freelancing and starting your own business, and how its all up to you.

At some points you will have a ton of work, and at other times nothing will come through the door, but it's how you use your time wisely to effectively get your name in front of people.

As a startup freelancer, entrepreneur, and company, you are thrown into the deep end with no clear way to make strides, unless this comes naturally.

So join me in this exploration of ideas, tips, advice and sit back and let INFOart help you along the way!

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