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7 Best Tweets

7 of the Best Tweets I’ve Ever Seen And How It Can Help Your Marketing

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Do you use Twitter within your marketing?

Would you love to discover new ways to Tweet?

Twitter has become a crucial marketing element for myself. Sharing content, audience interaction, and showcasing my brand, Twitter is a crucial marketing device.

Within this blog post, you will discover the best Tweets on the web. You will learn the different ways you can Tweet, what works, and what you can experiment with.

I’ll be looking at why they’re effective, and why you should consider all these best Tweets.

Tate: Asking A Question

This is a great Tweet that got my attention.

With a strong image, question, and challenge, this Tweet received countless replies and interactions.

Let’s see why it’s powerful.

  • They’re asking your opinion. Everyone loves giving their opinion and making themselves look intelligent.
  • They’re giving you a challenge. A challenge is exciting as people love seeing if they can overcome it.

With your Tweets, see if you can add a question or challenge to your audience, and see the response you receive.

See the Tweet here.

Twitter Sports: Emojis

One way to add personality, emotion and uniqueness to your Tweets is with emojis.

Using hashtags, emojis and a link at the end, this captures people’s attention with the use of emojis.

An emoji can excite a plain piece of text. Of course you have to use it wisely, but it can add colour to your Tweets.

A picture tells a thousand words, and emojis are no different.

See the Tweet here.

Hubspot: Humor

This is a great Tweet by the guys over at Hubspot, who have used a humourous angle to promote their new blog post.

Mixing up your content is crucial to success, but tying this together with humor is wise.

Why is it powerful?

Because it intrigues you into the blog post, and if you can achieve this, you’re onto a winner!

See the Tweet here.

BBC Sport: Direct, Simple, Effective

I understand you don’t have Andy Murray and David Beckham at your disposal, but this tactic is great.

What I love about this Tweet is that it excites, encourages and intrigues you.

They have been clever in their approach and haven’t given the game away too much.

You want to be informative, but you need to hold some information back.

This adds appeal to your Tweets.

This Tweet is direct and simple, stating the word ‘Watch:”. You know it’s a video, and makes you click the link even more.

Lots of Twitter profiles do this, which I recommend trying out yourself. Do this correctly, and it could appear on a similar list of these best Tweets!

See the Tweet here.

Thortful: Reacting To An Event

Thortful is a recent discovery that showcases a brilliant Twitter profile. They have built an incredible audience for their products, and create great content.

This is key, and this Tweet is a pure example of this.

Their responding to National Freelance Day, and have created a Tweet that celebrates freelancers.

Why is it successful?

Because it celebrates freelancers! This select group of people (freelancers), will see this and likely respond.


Because it’s directed and personal to them.

It’s a great tactic, which I highly recommend you try!

See the Tweet here.

Nike: Creating A Story

Much like the BBC update, you might not have Cristiano Ronaldo at your disposal.

But one thing you can develop within your Tweets is creating a story.

This Tweet includes a video that promotes the brand of Nike, a famous football star, and tells a story.

Humans love stories, and if you can tell a story within your Tweets, you’ll be laughing.

Create a short video, include an image, or talk about a recent behind the scenes story.

See the Tweet here.

Buffer: Being Fun & Informative!

I love this Tweet, who have Tweeted interesting stats about Instagram.

Why is this powerful?

Because it serves their audience, and adds personality to their feed.

If you have an interesting fact to Tweet about, add humor, personality and colour to your Tweet.

See the Tweet here.

Summing Up – The Best Tweets That Works Well

Theres’ a few things that are key here:

  • Using a mixture of content: Images, Video, Gifs
  • Not promoting yourself too much
  • Telling a story
  • Serving your audience with great content
  • Not using too many hashtags
  • Being personal to your audience

These Twitter profiles are unique because they offer their audience targeted and personalised content.

None of these examples seem automated (which they all most likely are), and are personal. This is what you need to ensure with your Tweets.

Make sure your Tweets reflects your brand, serves your audience, and is unique!

I hope you’ve liked these 7 prime examples of best Tweets!

But I’ll love to know

What Tweets do you love?

Have I missed anything?

Comments are more than welcome below

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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