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5 Email Marketing Tips For Creatives

5 Email Marketing Tips For Creatives

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Your email subscriber’s are the most important aspect of your business.

We check our email’s everyday, so an mailing list must be well thought out, executed effectively, and professional in it’s content and design.

If you feel that email marketing isn’t for your creative business, your priorities are wrong. An email subscriber is gold dust, and should be treated like it too.

It can transform your sales, boost your reputation, increase the traffic to your website, and add value to your service’s or product’s.

Now I have you on my side, what ways can you transform your email marketing as a creative? Email marketing is often missed within the world of the creative industry, but I’m going to showcasing 5 tips to help maximise your sales and traffic to your website. So lets get cracking with enticing your audience to join your list!

Does It Entice Them To Join?

Are you subscribed to any mailing list? What enticed you to join that mailing list? Was it because of their excellent relationship with you? Was it because they offered something which you were attracted to, like a free e-book for instance? Or was it because you were attracted to their good looking business and brand?

Whatever your reason might be, persuade your audience to join your mailing list, and make it seem like they’re missing out if they don’t.

For example, if your a Freelance Photographer, you could create a free guide for subscribers about the tools you use everyday, that has made you a success. Even as I write this, this seems like a create guide to use, and is enticing me to find out what tools you use everyday to be a big time success.

Budding photographers will see this, and will become attracted by what your offering, as they want to be as successful as you. An example like this doesn’t have to take you very long to produce, but your still offering them an incentive to join your newsletter, and be a part of your community.

Batch Emailing

For creatives, we find it difficult to find spare time to create new emails to our subscribers; as a piece of work may take longer than expected or a client may want changes to a particular piece.

But this is where batch emailing comes in handy, and is such an important time saver! If you have a spare day or so, (it will probably take you the whole day to do this) create batch emails. This is where you create a set of emails that will be sent to every new subscriber, so instead of writing out new emails every week, batch emails allows you send emails without you psychically sending these emails out, as it’s automatic! It may take you the whole day to create these emails, but the more emails you create now, the more time you’ll have in the future. For example; if you create 5 emails now, you’ll have 5 weeks until the last email is sent to a particular subscriber.

However, make sure you keep your professionalism and quality within every email which you create, as you don’t want your standards and consistency to slip. If you feel that your standards are slipping, take a break and come back to it with a fresh head.

An Insight Into How Your Business Functions

Have you seen a time lapse video on Youtube? Do you become amazed by the progression of such videos? A particular favourite of mine is the Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation, as you can witness the progression right in-front of your eyes.

Take this inspiration and use this within your email marketing. Dedicate a whole email about your working process, give your audience an insight into your workshop or studio, and make them feel a part of your service’s or product. Give your audience an insight and go behind the scenes of your business. You could even go that extra step and create a time lapse video of your working process. Not only does communicate transparency within your brand, it allows others to discover how you create your service’s, and entices them to your emails.

You can even use this sort of email to attract new subscribers to your mailing list. Give them a free guide which teaches them a new skill or technique, which they can use within their practises. This could also be your working process, which your audience can benefit and learn from too.

Discounts & Promotions

People love getting healthy discounts for free, as they feel their getting their money’s worth. Create attractive discounts and promotions only to email subscribers, which makes them feel special and counted for. This gives your subscriber’s a reason to part of your newsletters, and can also leave you with extra sales too!

Create discounts on your art prints, greetings cards and posters. Use whatever ways you can to still keep a profit of your items, but also showcase some love to your subscriber’s!

Are You Showcasing On The Right Page?

Are you getting really frustrated by the lack of subscribers you have to your newsletter? Well, you might be showcasing your newsletter on the wrong page, that doesn’t get seen enough by your audience.

Go onto your Google Analytics page, and see what your most popular page is. This needs to be a consistent page within your website, and not a blog post for example. For instance, you might discover that your contact or about page is the most popular, so a good idea is to put your email opt-in box on these pages. As it’s your most popular pages, it’s going to be seen by most of your audience, increasing your chance of new subscribers.

Keep Your Eye’s Peeled!

As I’ve talked about giving free guides to your email subscriber’s, I am also planning on releasing a free e-book to any new INFOart email subscriber. The theme of this is still secret, but keep your eye’s out for more updates and the big launch soon!

Summary Of Points

  • Entice your audience to your mailing list by offering them free guides, how to’s and good content
  • Batch your email’s to save you time in the future
  • Give your email subscriber’s an insight into your business. Showcase your working process, studios or create a time lapse video of your work
  • Offer your subscriber’s discounts and promotions, so they feel special as your email subscriber
  • Put your email opt in on your most popular page (which is usually your ABOUT page)

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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