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12 Tips To Build Your Business Audience

12 Tips To Help Build Your Business Audience

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Do you want your business to reach new heights?

For your business to do this, you need an audience.

It’s a fundamental element that every successful business requires. Without it, a business can’t promote their product’s, can’t evolve the business, and can’t build a base of avid fans and followers.

It’s crucial that you keep in contact with as many people as possible, to form important connections, build relationships, and discover brand new partnerships.

In a world where we can’t do things alone, there’s a number of things you can do to help build your audience, for your business to grow, evolve, and change for your audience’s needs.

Within this blog post, I’m going to be sharing 12 tips to help build your business audience, from networking, social media to online forums.

This is aimed at anyone from the experienced business owner to the start up business, that wants to know how to build their audience and make a better business as a result!

I’m really looking forward to sharing this with you, so let’s get going with these 12 tips!


Networking is a powerful and effective way to reach out to a brand new audience, by meeting other business owners in person.

This gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, showcase your brand, and showcase your business.

You get to know other people’s personalities, sense of humour, likes and dislikes, which meeting someone ‘virtually’ does not achieve.

Direct Email

A simple but effective way to reach out to others, is by emailing them directly.

If you simply want to connect with another person, email them and say how much you like what their doing, ask them if they need help with something, or just start a conversation.

Most people welcome anyone connecting them, so don’t be afraid to do so!

As you start to connect with new people from across the world, it can open new doors, but you need to take that initial step to make it a reality.

Skype Or Google Hangouts

A way to virtually meet someone is either with Skype or Google Hangouts.

These tools give entrepreneurs and start up businesses the chance to connect with other like minded people.

Even though this isn’t the same as networking or meeting someone face to face, this tool allows others to interact with you in real time.

I highly recommend you connect with other people on Skype or Google Hangouts, as they both offer a fantastic free service, which are there to help you reach others.

Commenting On Twitter

Emailing someone directly may seem daunting to you, which is why Twitter can be a great tool to help break the ice.

Compliment another person, ask them intriguing questions, give your own opinion, or consider going a step further by re-tweeting what they have to say.

Not only will they appreciate it, they will most likely Re-tweet your content, and a real relationship can start to develop!

The Telephone

This tip is for those of you who really want to connect with someone on a completely personal level.

Using the telephone allows you to directly talk to someone else, however, this must be used with caution.

I would only recommend you call someone if you know the person quite well already or if you have a discussion in mind.

As a telephone number is so personal, make sure you have a think before contacting anyone.

Online Forums

As the internet is so vast nowadays, theres pretty much an online forum for any niche, industry or discipline.

This is a great vehicle to promote your own material, gain new insights into your audience’s pains and problems, and also reach out to other users.

12 Tips To Build Your Business Audience Quote

To build relationships on these platforms, your priority is to help other people first, before helping yourself.

Consider sharing your opinion, sharing advice, sharing tips, and be known as someone who is on the forum to help others.

Sending A Private Facebook Message

Facebook is a great resource to help build your audience by connecting with other people in your niche or industry.

A similar technique to direct email, private messages allows you to contact someone via Facebook, if your not comfortable with email.

I’ve done this on lots of different occasions to help build my audience and connect with fellow business owners, and it works really well!


A way to build your audience is with a blog on your own website.

Even though your product, service or expertise may not require you to own a blog, this is a great way to build traffic, target keywords, and build an audience.

Share tips, express your opinion, and make your content valuable to other people.

After time, you can become an authority within your industry, and as your providing valuable content, users will flock to your blog.

Commenting On Other Blogs And Websites

A way to connect to a completely different audience is by commenting on other blogs.

After you’ve read an article or blog post, consider sharing your knowledge on that subject, compliment the admin, or give your opinion. If you feel you can add an interesting point, don’t be afraid to comment!

Once your comment is live, the administrator can reply back to you, and a relationship can begin!

You’re now building a relationship with that person, and as these comments are visible to their audience, they can become encouraged to see what you’re all about too.

Technically, your killing two birds with one stone.

Email Newsletters

An email newsletter helps promote you and your services on a weekly basis, and always keeps you in contact with your existing audience.

Having an active email list also encourages brand new audiences to your brand as well.

These people can talk to their friends and family about you, and the power of word of mouth is in full effect!

Collect email addresses on your website, prompt people to your list on your social media accounts, and let others know its there to sign up to.

This is a great way to build your existing list.

Linking To Another Blog Or Website

A great way to build relations is by linking to other peoples website’s on your blog.

If you own a blog, you might link to their excellent blog post, you might give your opinion of what they’ve discussed, or you might just talk about their business in general.

12 Tips To Build Your Business Audience Quote

From here, you can then email this person, and say that you’ve linked to their website on your blog.

They’ll really appreciate your gesture, hopefully link back to your website, and a conversation can begin.

Follow Your Competitions Followers

A way to build your Twitter audience is by following your competitor’s followers.

As I’ve stated in my free e-book to email subscribers, its always good to follow a good selection of people, but this technique allows you to target specific people towards your brand.

As these people are interested in what your competitors Tweets about, they’ll be interested in what you Tweet about too, as they’re your competition.

This is a technique that I’ve used to build my audience, as it works really well.

To Effectively Build Your Audience, You Need To Start Reaching Out

Sometimes, we just have to bite the bullet, and put ourselves on the line.

This might be a bit dramatic, but sometimes we hold ourselves back from contacting someone who could potentially grow our business, and help build our audience.

If this ever occurs, make sure you put this to one side and just go for it.

Comment, like, share, email, phone, follow, or do anything to get in front of people to help build your audience.

Summary Of Points

  • Connect with someone by either emailing them directly, setting up a Skype call, or organising a Google Hangout
  • For a relationship to start on a good foot, consider sharing, Re-tweeting, or commenting on other Twitter and Facebook Pages
  • Comment on other peoples blogs, and always try to add value to the blog post. This way, the admin can witness this, and a relationship can begin
  • Use the classic telephone to reach others directly. Treat this with caution however, as you should only do this if you know the person well, or have a goal/discussion in mind
  • Set up a blog and email newsletter to help build your audience, which can grow over time

Many thanks for listening to me today, be sure to comment below if you have any questions that you would like to ask me on this topic, I’ll love to hear from you. You can also check out me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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